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Going super light with Panasonic Toughbook S9 laptop


This isn't a briefcase-sized laptop. Instead, it's a much smaller 12.1-inch notebook that tips the scales at a mere three pounds. That makes it the lightest laptop of its size with a built-in optical DVD drive. I like thin and light laptops as much as the next person, but Toughbook isn't exactly the first name that comes to mind for that kind of thing.

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Dell Precision M6500 notebook gets a beastly 32GB of RAM


Most people assume that, in general, desktop computers are more powerful than their notebook counterparts. They'll have the bigger hard drives, faster processors, and more impressive video cards. That's all changing, of course, and the envelope has once again been pushed; this time by Dell. What you see here is the Dell Precision M6500 laptop. It may look like any other business-styled notebook PC from Dell, but it hides quite the hefty secret inside.

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Glowing blue Enermax Aeolus notebook cooler blasts air with a 10-inch fan


Leaders of laptop-only life will appreciate this one. I myself ditched the desktop several years back, keeping it mobile is how it's done. But one setback notebooks have in terms of cooling is tiny little fans, and a limited amount of power to spin them. There's plenty of notebook cooling stands out there already, but the Aeolus CP003 from Enermax looks like a monster ripped out of an industrial HVAC system. On display at Computex, this notebook cooler comes with a 10-inch "monster" fan.

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Urbancase Transformer Desk hides your computer

Urban Case transformer desk

Life is about balance, especially if you work from home it can be very difficult to separate the work world from the play world; so it's best if you can put work out of sight and out of mind. Urbancase can help. They have designed a clever transformer desk that can jut out from your bedroom wall. In its closed position, it looks like a place where you can write letters to your loved ones overseas.

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Be eco-friendly with Lenovo ThinkPad L Series laptops

Lenovo L412 and Lenovo L512 eco-friendly notebooks

According to the kind folks at Lenovo, their latest set of laptops are the "greenest on the market" while maintaining the high level of performance that users expect from a Lenovo. Here are the newLenovo ThinkPad L Series laptops. Consisting of the ThinkPad L412 and ThinkPad L512, the new L Series integrates the highest amounts of post consumer recycled content (up to 30 percent) in a commercially-available notebook today. The laptops are also shipped in nearly 100 percent recycled packaging.

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Apple MacBook Pro now available with Core i5, Core i7

New Apple MacBook Pro line sports theIntel Corei5 and i7 CPUs

We knew that this day had to be coming, but we probably expected Steve Jobs to make a bigger deal of it by hosting another event in or around San Francisco. Instead, it seems that Apple has (quite quietly) updated the entire MacBook Pro line with several solid upgrades. If you go over to the Apple online store, you'll find that the MacBook Pro is now available with your choice of Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors. Well, that's true of the 15-inch and 17-inch versions.

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E-Stand Laptop Desk keeps the jewels cool


The E-Stand Portable Laptop Table Desk has everything you’ll need to stabilize, however temporary that may be, your mobile workstation and keep a bit of that heat off your privates. The lapdesk has built-in USB connectors to hook up the laptop to the cooling fans, a mousepad, cup holder (eeek), and a pencil holder.

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REVIEW – Hercules XPS 2.1 40 Slim Speaker System

REVIEW - Hercules XPS 2.1 40 Slim Speaker System

One of the main reasons why someone may choose to abandon their desktop computer in favor of a notebook-only experience is the added portability that a laptop can offer. You can take your notebook PC with you everywhere you go, effectively freeing from you from any single location. Naturally, this ...

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Toshiba Satellite T100 Ultraportable Fits Your Budget

Unless you look at the relatively underpowered netbook market, you can expect to pay quite a premium to get into the ultraportable notebook market. These are real laptops in slightly smaller packages. Toshiba is bucking the trend, you could say, with the unveiling of the Toshiba Satellite T100 series. These ...

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LG WIDEBOOK Laptop Line Loves Dem Capital Letters

What’s up with companies insisting that their product names be written with all capital letters? We saw it happen with the MOTORAZR. We saw it again with the PLAYSTATION 3. And now we’re seeing it again with the announcement of hte new LG WIDEBOOK line of laptops. If you’re expecting ...

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Mobile-Friendly Secondary USB Monitor (Mimo 710-S)


For people who are accustomed to a dual monitor configuration, going on the road with a regular laptop can be an exercise in frustration. The Nanovision Mimo line aims to address this concern by providing a secondary monitor that can run completely from a single USB connection, power and all. ...

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