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Toughen up any portable hard drive with the LaCie Tank


The folks at LaCie have been selling their own brand of rugged hard drives for quite some time. They can withstand all kinds of abuse while keeping your precious documents nice and safe. What if you want the same kind of ruggedness in a different drive? That's where the LaCie Tank comes in.

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LaCie Rugged Safe is an all-terrain secure storage hard drive


A Rugged Safe HDD case from LaCie has been released. If your subconscious mind needs 128-bit AES hardware encryption, biometric fingerprint access all bundled in a cute little silver shock-proof enclosure in order to sleep better at night, then the sub-$200 unit will probably fit nicely under your pillow.I’m more worried about losing my data and not ever getting it back then it landing in the hands of a stranger.

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LaCie 1TB External Hard Drive is Big, Rugged… and Big


If you’ve been an avid reader of the tech blogs for some time, then you’ve probably come across more than your fair share of portable hard drives. There’s also a good chance that you’ve seen LaCie’s line of rugged drives too, but this one is the biggest one to date. Crunchgear’s Devin Coledewey took the biggest of the big kahunas ...

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