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Video Demo: Kohjinsha Dual-Display Netbook Concept

Earlier this month, we got our first glimpse at the Kohjinsha dual-display netbook. This is a wholly different kind of product that the rest of the Dell Minis and Eee PCs of the world, because it comes with a pair of 10.1-inch widescreen displays. Based on this video, it looks pretty useful too. In case you didn’t catch it the ...

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Kohjinsha Netbook Boasts Dual 10.1-inch Screens


I remember when I went to visit Japan a couple of years ago, the whole netbook thing hadn’t really caught on in North America yet. Even so, there were tons of ultraportables on sale in Akihabara, including some crazy compact tablet PCs from Kohjinsha. Well, they’ve done it again. Now that everyone and their mother wants a netbook, it takes ...

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