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The ZBoard Weight-Sensing Electric Skateboard


Tired of burning soles on the road for a ride on your skateboard? The ZBoard, claims to be the "world's first weight-sensing electric skateboard", and it will save your shoes by letting your weight do the work.

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New Game Lets You Stuff Your Smartphone in a Foam Ball and Chuck It


Playing games on a smartphone is fun and all, but flicking your finger up the screen isn't exactly the same thing as rolling a bowling ball down a real alley. Physical Apps wants to change that with what they call TheO.

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Magic Mirror Shows You Your Insides (Video)


When the Kinect was introduced way back in 2010, everyone knew that the technology won’t just be used in gaming. There are endless possibilities of what it can be utilized for. And now, the guys over at the Technical University of Munich have come out with a new project called “mirracle” which uses Kinect’s motion sensing tech.

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Nexus-Kinect Android Frankenhacker Creates Wall Sized Touchscreen


Remember the touchscreen computer in Minority Report? Well, it seems one savvy developer has managed to create something at least sort-of similar. This is the strange bastard child DDRBoxman, he combines a Microsoft Kinect, a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, a computer, and a lot of mad scientist work.

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Apple Patent Reveals Possible iPhone 5 3D Gesture UI


Sure, can talk to your iPhone with Siri. But what if you could wave to it as well? It appears like you will be able to do just that sometime in the future. From the latest info available via a patent application from Apple, we have got hints of a new 3D GUI for iOS mobile devices.

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Tegra 3 Eee Pad Transformer Prime Uses Xbox 360 Controller


The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime continues to amaze us. At CES 2012, an avid gamer shows his prowess with Shadowgun running flawlessly on the Tegra 3 powered tablet. Connected to a large screen via HDMI and controlled by an ordinary Xbox 360 controller, there's really no telling the difference.

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Lost The Remote? There Is No Remote: Samsung Smart TV


Are you getting fed up with constantly searching for the remote control for your TV? If you are, welcome to the group. But the answer to our troubles appears to have arrived. With the newly unveiled Samsung Smart TV, we will be able to finally forget that old-school remote and do much, much more.

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iPhone and Kinect Partner Up for Co-Op Shooting Game

Screen shot 2011-05-03 at 6.24.21 PM

Sort of. It's unlikely that we're going to get Apple and Microsoft to co-operate on a joint project any time soon, but that's not stopping a couple guys from Singapore from developing their own game that utilizes products from both companies.

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Gesture-driven robotic arm narrows the gap for 3D virtual user interfaces


Right now XBOX 360’s Kinect is easily one of the hottest consumer technologies on the market, but the Hoshino Biological Cybernetics Lab at Tsukuba University have managed to take it a step further with their concept at the 3D Expo.

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