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Amazon To Release Android Tablet?


When interviewed by Consumer Reports, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said to “stay tuned” for the company’s plans to release a tablet device. Bezos suggested that if they did produce a tablet, it would not kill the Kindle, but supplement it.

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eBook sales to hit $1 billion


Gone are the days when reading was limited to paper. Yeah sure! You’ll tell me nothing beats the good feeling of holding a book in your hands even today. I won’t argue, because the recent figures associated with ebook sales tend to speak for themselves.

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A new $139 Kindle to kill the iPad?


Apple’s iPad was always expected to be the Kindle Killer, but never really disrupted the Amazon's sales of its eReading tablet. In fact Amazon sells more Kindle books than they do hardcovers, and expect that number to “surpass all paperbacks sold sometime in the next nine to twelve months” said Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com Founder & CEO. Kindle sales tripled in June when Amazon lowered the price to $189, we can only imagine what will happen now that the price has been reduced to $139 by simply dropping 3G and giving a Wi-Fi only version.

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Jeff Bezos: No color Amazon Kindle for you

No color Kindle anytime soon.

It's probably not completely fair to compare Amazon's Jeff Bezos with the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld, but he is withholding something from us that we may have otherwise desired. According to the Amazon head honcho himself, we should not be expecting a color version of the Kindle any time soon. The guys at Amazon on working on something, but a color Kindle is "still some ways out," according to Bezos. That's too bad, because I'm sure the launch of the Apple iPad has done nothing but harm to the sales numbers on the Kindle.

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Kindle getting the pre-load on some Asus notebooks

Asus packing Kindle app on select notebook and netbooks

Due in part to the success and pure programming genius of the people at Amazon, Asus has decided to pre-load their notebooks with the Kindle Application for you to easily access all sorts of books, newspapers, and magazines right off the bat. When you open up the box to your newly acquired Asus laptop, just log into your Kindle account to start buying all sorts of content. Yes, I know, you can download the software for free on your own, but at least this kind of "bloatware" is useful for a good number of people. The pre-loading of the Amazon Kindle application expands beyond full-size laptops too, getting pre-loaded on the Eee PC line of netbooks as well. Thanks to the Whispersync technology, you can start reading a book on your Kindle-equipped laptop and pick up where you left off on your Kindle e-reader handheld.

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The week of the iPad, a year for the iFad?


This week was the week that Apple unveiled their iPad. The company did such a great job on keeping the device under wraps, that even some bloggers unable to keep their ego in check after Apple more than likely shut down their requests for an advanced viewing, went ahead and made up stories of actually having it. Regardless, it was an interesting week and we do have ourselves a few Apple iPad models to choose from, and what many hope will be the savior for the print industry and their constant battle against rising costs.

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Say Hello to Amazon Kindle GSM International Edition


Arguably, one of the biggest things holding back the success of the Amazon Kindle is its reliance on that CDMA-based “WhisperNet” connection. As soon you leave the United States, the wireless capabilities are basically useless. Well, that’s all about to change, because they have just revealed the new Amazon Kindle: ...

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