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An iPhone Dongle That Lets You Shoot 3D Video


Not the best of names, but the Sthreeam dongle is a kickstarter project that adds a second imaging sensor to your iPhone. Why would you wan't a second camera on your iPhone? To record in 3D of course. So basically, it's a project in the early concept stage.

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iKeyboard Adds Tactile Feel to iPad Keyboard


The large touchscreen on the iPad might be great for some things, but it might not be quite as great for others. We still want physical feedback. We still yearn for physical controls. And that's where the iKeyboard from Cliff Thier comes into the picture.

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TiGr Titanium Bicycle Lock Keeps Security Elegant


With summer just around the corner, more folks are going to be hopping onto their two-wheelers to trek around the city. Unfortunately, there are thieves lurking around every corner, so you'll want to have the right kind of security. The TiGr lock could be the elegant lightweight ticket.

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Tembo Trunks Collapsible Silicone Speaker Cones Amp Up Your iPod


You've got your iPod for your own personal music enjoyment, but what about when you want to share those tunes? You could pack a set of portable speakers, but those can take up too much room and not offer enough power. The Tempo Trunks, though, might be an interesting alternative.

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Are Grandroids More than Just Virtual Pets?


Do you remember Tamagotchi? Those little keychain things that acted as virtual pets, forcing you to feed them and play with them, otherwise they'd die return to their home planet? Well, Grandroids are kind of similar, but not really.

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Waldok iPod Speaker Dock Isn’t Completely Off the Wall


Think about most of the iPod speaker docks on the market. They either require you to use a power cable or they run on batteries. They also happen to take up valuable desk or shelf space that could be used for something else. And then, take a look at the Waldok.

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Sniffing and intercepting Bluetooth with Ubertooth One


WiFi sniffers are a dime a dozen, allowing hackers and "troubleshooters" monitor wireless networks with ease. However, there appears to be a shortage of affordable Bluetooth sniffers. Michael Ossmann wants to change that.

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Help Fund Mobile Magazine: The Evolution of Mobile Technology

The magazine we have been working on is called Mobile Magazine: The Evolution of Mobile Technology. It's full of amazing technology and gadgets that have been released throughout the years leading up to what we have now, and what we can expect in the future.

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