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NoPhone Has Raised $11,000 On Kickstarter


The NoPhone.

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Illumibowl Toilet Night Light (Video)


Illumibowl toilet night light.

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Air Umbrella Will Keep You Dry With A Force Field Of Air (Video)


Air Umbrella.

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Touch Things In Virtual Reality By Wearing Dexmo F2 (Video)


Dexmo F2 is a mechanical exoskeleton for your hands that will allow you to touch objects in VR.

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Nutlock: Protect Your Bicycle Wheels From Theft (Video)


Use Nutlock and your bicycle wheels will be safe from thieves.

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This Bike Seems To Belong To The future: The Foldable, Electric Gi-Bike (Video)


The feature-packed foldable, electric Gi-Bike.

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LIX: The Smallest 3D Printing Pen In The World (Video)


Create complex works of art in mid-air with the new LIX 3D printing pen.

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AEON Leather Gloves Play Friendly with Touchscreens (Video)


AEON Attire has you covered with its Touchpoint Glove. This is a premium leather glove that will work with all touchscreen devices, including your favorite smartphone and tablet. T

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Can 3D-Printed Urbee 2 Drive Across America on 10 Gallons of Gas?


For starters, the Urbee 2 is a car that was built using 3D printing, rather than more conventional manufacturing methods. They aim to drive the car clear across the United States on just ten gallons of fuel.

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Video: Say Hello to the World’s First Advanced Social Robot


It's one thing to get robots to mimic human movement, but it's another thing altogether to get them to mimic human emotion and facial expressions. A Dallas-based company wants to provide you with that robot companionship in the form of the more affordable RoboKind Zeno R25.

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Control Any Device With Your Smartphone By Using Batthead Batteries (Video)


There are a lot of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled devices out there that can be turned on and off with your smartphone, but there’s no need for your devices to feature Wi-Fi or Bluetooth support if they are using Batthead batteries.

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GoSun Solar Oven: The Green Way to Cook a Hot Dog (Video)


That's the fundamental idea behind the GoSun solar oven, which uses a parabolic mirrors to concentrate sunlight toward a glass cylinder, allowing you to cook whatever you have inside.

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Omate TrueSmart In Trouble?


The Omate TrueSmart is an interesting looking smart watch but it might have one big problem: it may not arrive with Google Play Store support as promised.

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Your iPad Can Be a Desktop PC with Modus III Portable Workstation


We've seen a broad range of cases and Bluetooth keyboards designed for the Apple iPad, but I don't think there are any quite as ambitious as the Modus III dock and portable workstation. It really does aim to turn that humble tablet into a real computer for real productivity.

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Introducing the Hot Watch Smartwatch (Video)


We are hearing the first impressions about the Hot Watch smartwatch and the device seems to be quite impressive.

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