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TouchKeys: The Multi-Touch Musical Keyboard (video)


TouchKeys will allow you to control vibrato and pitch bends with your finger tips while using your keyboard.

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CruxSKUNK: The Best iPad Case Ever?


Can't decide if you want to have an iPad or a MacBook Air? If you pick up the CruxSKUNK Keyboard Case from CruxCase, you can almost have the best of both worlds.

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Questions About Microsoft Surface Tablet That Need to Be Answered


Yes, we know about the two versions of the Microsoft Surface and its support for Netflix, but what about all the other details that still have us scratching our heads?

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Yamaha Vocaloid Keyboard “Plays” Vocals (Video)


Maybe that's why so many artists have also turned to Autotune, but it looks like Yamaha is stepping up to a whole new level of artificial singing with its Vocaloid Keyboard. You literally "play" out the vocal sounds.

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Apple Considering Ultra-Thin Keyboards to Make World’s Thinnest Notebook


In the world of technology making a device thinner is always perceived as an improvement. That is why all the manufacturers from around the world try to make their products as slim as possible. Apple is also following a similar path and appears to be planning thinner keyboards for bringing out thinner notebook computers.

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Getting Eco With Bamboo Wireless Keyboard And Mouse


If you want to keep taking food away from the pandas, here is another option to add to your office: a full bamboo wireless keyboard and mouse set.

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Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad 2 targets biz pros on the go


Logitech has come up with a Fold-Up Keyboard that works in tandem with Apple's tablet. The core functionality really is no different than any other Bluetooth keyboard. You pair it up with the iPad and start typing away at those documents and e-mails. What makes this product different is its fold-up nature.

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iKeyboard Adds Tactile Feel to iPad Keyboard


The large touchscreen on the iPad might be great for some things, but it might not be quite as great for others. We still want physical feedback. We still yearn for physical controls. And that's where the iKeyboard from Cliff Thier comes into the picture.

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Reliving my Palm Pilot days with Verbatim Mobile Keyboard for iPad and iPhone


Way before I got into the world of smartphones (since they didn't even exist at the time), I had a Palm Pilot PDA. I thought it was God's gift to humankind. I could keep track of my schedule, take all kinds of notes, and have my entire contact list in the palm of my hand. It was also useful for writing my university papers.

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ION keyboard for iPhone gives you squinters a break


ION has announced full-size keyboard that connects to your iPhone designed for those travelers who want to use a large keyboard when writing emails, texting or surfing the web. I'm not sure how well it will fly with the younger generation of iPhone users.

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Tiki’Notes Typing Faster Than Swype System (Video)


Some people, like me, prefer having a hardware-based QWERTY keyboard, because it feels easier typing out text messages and emails. Other people like the touchscreen interface, but they wish there was something faster than QWERTY or T9. It seemed like Swype may have been the way of the future, but it now has a substantial competitor. In case you missed ...

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Video: Another Tactile Keyboard Idea for the iPhone

One of the most common complaints that people have about the Apple iPhone is that it lacks a physical keyboard. They don’t want to sacrifice that great touchscreen display, but they want something that they can feel when they’re typing things out. One of the newest solutions is called 4iThumbs. A couple of months ago, we caught a glimpse at ...

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Users of Apple iPhone Still Want Physical Keyboard


When I talk to a number of my friends who own an Apple iPhone, they say that they are perfectly satisfied with the touchscreen experience and they are not at all interested in gaining a physical keyboard like what I have with my Nokia. However, it turns out that not all iPhone owners are quite so black-and-white when it comes ...

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Finally, a Tactile Keyboard for the Apple iPhone

One of the major reasons why someone may not be willing to convert from the land of the BlackBerry into the realm of the iPhone is that the latter lacks a hardware keyboard. To help bridge this gap, the iPhone is finally getting a real tactile keyboard, making it so much easier to enter text and type email messages. The ...

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