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Galaxy S promoted by Darth Vader in Japan


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a Sith Lord promoted a smartphone ironically called the Galaxy. It almost sounds like a match made in heaven, but Darth Vader has somehow become the spokesperson for the Samsung Galaxy S phone in Japan.

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Google Android + retina display = Sharp IS03 smartphone


What's that? You thought retina displays were restricted solely to the Apple family? While it's unclear whether or not they can actually use the word "retina" in their product descriptions, Sharp has indeed come up with a phone that uses one. And it's powered by Google Android to boot.

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Nintendo 3DS to sell for $300, launches February 26 in Japan


Man, I was really hoping that Nintendo would be a little more competitive with the price point on the new Nintendo 3DS. Most of us were hoping for something in the $200 range, maybe pushing $220 or $230, but that's not where it is at all. Instead, they've bumped it to a whopping $300.

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Morpho Smart Select automatically selects best photo


Ever since cameras switched from film to digital, we've been taking way more pictures. It's just so much easier to take multiple shots and just choose the best ones later on. Now, that process can be automated with Morpho Smart Select. Announced by Morpho of Japan today, the software will automatically pick the best shot out of a set of pictures. Simply let it know which set of pictures it should consider and it'll let you know which is the best photo of them all.

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Three-quarters of Japanese smartphones are Apple iPhones


You know, before the iPhone launched in Japan, I thought it was going to be a disappointment for Steve Jobs and Apple. It wouldn't be a flop, but I didn't think it would achieve the same level of market penetration as it was able to enjoy in the United States. Oh boy, was I wrong.A study conducted by MM Research Institute has revealed that the iPhone has a 72.2% market share in Japan. There are 2.34 million iPhones in the land of the rising sun, representing a dominating force among smartphones.

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Japanese Sim-Drive electric car gears up for 2013 launch


While its name may lead you to believe that it has something to do with the cell phone industry, the Sim-Drive is something different entirely. Instead, it's the name of some eco-friendly electric vehicle technology from Keio University and they're ready to hit the road running.

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King Jim Pomera DM20 Digital Notebook, Not a Netbook

Not to be confused with American cousin Slim Jim, King Jim of Japan is coming with a rather unique product. The Pomera DM20 is about the same size as a standard UMPC, but it comes with a flip-out QWERTY keyboard to ease your typing experience. So, it should act like a netbook then, right? Not exactly. Despite what its form ...

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Sony Walkman Overtakes Apple iPod as Top MP3 Player

Just like here in North America, over in Europe, and just about every other part of the world, the Apple iPod has been dominating the MP3 player market in Japan for a number of years. This left everyone else clamoring for second place, but it seems that the mighty iPod has finally be dethroned by some homegrown talent. The Apple ...

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Street Fighter IV Cell Phone Strap = Talking Arcade Stick

It’s no secret that I’m a pretty big fan of fighting games and I’ve been playing quite a bit of Street Fighter IV. I have a t-shirt to express my enthusiasm already, but this new cell phone charm from Japan could be going a little too far. Many cell phone users, particularly from Asia, seem to have a thing for ...

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