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Vancouver Gets Second Apple Store This Weekend


I remember when the first Apple Store opened in Vancouver. Huddling around the construction site at Pacific Centre, we wondered what glories Cupertino would be bringing to our fine town. It’s not like we were devoid of Apple products in the past, since so many electronics dealers already stocked their ...

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The Snuggie for Gadget Geeks

By now, you’ve surely heard about the Snuggie. It’s that crazy blanket with sleeves that is supposed to be great for keeping you warm while you watch television or curl up with a good book. Among the many problems with this idea is the lack of love for the gadget ...

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Video: Ziploc iPod Headphones Eliminate Tangles


We’ve all faced this frustration at some point in our music-listening lives, but many of us have just assumed that it came with the territory. Not Lee Washington. He got tired of all the tangled cords from his iPod headphones and he has decided to do something about it. Interestingly ...

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REVIEW – Speakal iPig iPod Speaker Dock

REVIEW - Speakal iPig iPod Speaker Dock

Don’t let its cute appearance fool you into thinking that it’s just some cheap toy for people who don’t care about how anything sounds. The iPig iPod speaker system from Speakal comes with a strong pedigree and it is perfectly capable of handling the entirety of your music collection. Features ...

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