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Daily Deal: $80 off JBL On Stage Micro III iPhone Loudspeaker Dock


One of the most respected names when it comes to audio equipment has to be JBL and this is particularly true of their iPod and iPhone docks. And now you can score a great deal on the JBL On Stage Micro III.

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GOgroove SonaWAVE 3 Portable Stereo on Sale for $29.99


Are you looking for a cool cube of a speaker to connect to your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player? You might want to look at the GOgroove SonaWAVE 3, which is currently on sale for almost half off.

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iFrogz Boost iPhone Speaker Uses NearFA for Psychic Connection


These days, you can cut the cords and use wireless technology like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The iFrogz Boost Speaker uses neither of these, relying on what sounds more like a telepathy with your music-pumping iDevice.

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REVIEW – Speakal iPom 2.1 Stereo Speaker System

REVIEW - Speakal iPom 2.1 Stereo Speaker System

Those crazy kooks at Speakal are back to their old tricks. Not content with right angles and square boxes, the company has always taken a more unique approach to the world of iPod speaker docks. They don’t want a conservative box like the Griffin Amplifi. They want to solicit a cuter response from its customers. Following in this philosophy is ...

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Use a Decapitated Panda Head as an iPod Speaker

I understand that different people have different preferences when it comes to home decor. Some people want to keep things simple, whereas others are willing to experiment with more eccentric form factors and color palettes. What about all the hunters of endangered species? Where are the products for them? You won’t have to make a visit over to your local ...

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REVIEW – iSkin Cerulean RX Stereo Bluetooth Receiver

REVIEW - iSkin Cerulean RX Stereo Bluetooth Receiver

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use your iPod speaker dock with your Bluetooth-enabled music phone? Stereo Bluetooth (A2DP) makes it so that you can stream music from up to 30 feet away, but most speaker systems do not come equipped with Bluetooth. Perhaps the simplest solution to this is the iSkin Cerulean RX Stereo Bluetooth Receiver. This tiny ...

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