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Apple iPhone 4G rumours: Due out in May with ‘touch sensitive’ case


Apple's iPhone always gets loads of attention in the media, especially when we get an inkling of an idea that Apple is up to something soon. The release of the iPhone 4G is being anticipated, with a possible release as early as May

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BlackBerry to get Sirius XM, shhh


Sirius XM Radio for the Blackberry has been outed. Initially it will roll out to the BlackBerry Storm 1 - Series 9530 and Storm 2 - Series 9550, the BlackBerry Bold - Series 9000, 9700, the Tour..

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iPhone becomes a mobile bank check deposit device


A Texas-based USAA bank has created “Deposit@Mobile” service, a new banking app for your iPhone that lets customers make deposits using their iPhone.

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ION keyboard for iPhone gives you squinters a break


ION has announced full-size keyboard that connects to your iPhone designed for those travelers who want to use a large keyboard when writing emails, texting or surfing the web. I'm not sure how well it will fly with the younger generation of iPhone users.

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Facebook App for iPhone gets 3.1 update, Push support, more problems?


With the release of Facebook for iPhone version 3.1 things were supposed to get better, others were to get fixed, but in all reality, most of it is broken for many users.

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Speck Skins the iPhone with CandyShell, SeeThru and Fitted cases


Our friends at Speck have busted out a cornucopia of colorful cases destined for the iPhone 3G and 3GS at CES this year. The lineup includes the CandyShell, Fitted and SeeThru. These three new models will bring us over 30 different case colors and combinations to choose from.

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Griffin PowerJolt Plus offers charging pass-through for cars


We’re always on the go and, as such, we want to keep our devices fully charged wherever life’s road may lead us. While I was over at Digital Experience, a preview show for CES the day before the convention fully opens, I had the opportunity to visit with the folks and Griffin to see the new PowerJolt Plus. As you ...

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iPhone to go with the FLO.. TV


Thank's to innovation and excellence, a bit of teamwork and of course, the determination on behalf of the guys and gals at FLO, they have teamed up with Mophie to integrate FLO TV hardware right in to the ever-so-popular Juice Pack.

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Flying Saucer with Augmented Reality Air Battles


So, Mobile Magazine’s own Jeff Cutler made his way over to CES Unveiled last night and he was bombarded by all sorts of cool technology. One item that drew quite the crowd was an apparent flying saucer. Its airborne nature may have been enough of a draw already, but this flying machine comes with an added surprise. I didn’t touch ...

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iWave Grass Roots Collection Grows Wood for CES


The Consumer Electronics Show kicks off a little later this week in Las Vegas and I fully intend on seeing all there is to see at the show while I am there. It’s going to be a hectic show for sure, but sometimes, you need to just relax and get back to nature. At least, that’s what the people at ...

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Mophie iPhone Case Includes Credit Card Scanner


The whole concept of a traditional point of sale dictates that the business owner should have some kind of cash register, hooked up with the various periphernalia to handle different types of payment. That’s changing and Mophie is hoping to move the charge forward. Instead of getting customers to walk up to a traditional cash register, they can simply walk ...

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Timed Offline Alerts with RunPee Movie App Update

We’ve all been there. You’re watching a movie in the theatre and things are going great. The film seems quite fascinating and you’re completely enthralled with every moment on that silver screen. Unfortunately, that jumbo-sized Mountain Dew is wreaking havoc on your bladder. What do you do? Many people already know about the RunPee website. There, you can look up ...

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iPhone Races to Finish Line with Need for Speed: Shift


The Apple iPhone is home to some pretty great games and now it’s getting to hit the race track with another offering from Electronic Arts. The latest addition to the App Store is Need for Speed: Shift, offering a mobile version of that game that you would normally be playing on your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. While it naturally ...

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DLO WallDock Charges iPhone Without Wires

This isn’t quite as cool as the wireless charging solutions offered by companies like PowerMat, but it does mean that you don’t have to deal with any messy cables when it comes time to charge up your Apple iPhone or iPod. It also makes for a nice, clean appearance that is completely uncluttered. The DLO WallDock isn’t exactly the most ...

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Winner of the iPhone GorillaMobile Giveaway

Are you back from your Black Friday shopping? Did you manage to land a good deal? How about getting something for free? If you were one of the lucky few to enter our Joby GorillaMobile giveaway, then you may be expecting a special package in the mail pretty soon. As you may recall, we were hosting a contest where the ...

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