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Official: Real VNC Viewer for iPhone and iPod Touch


Officially announced today, but has been available on the iTunes App Store for just about a week now, RealVNC Viewer for the iPhone and iPod Touch will give you full control of a computer anywhere in the world.

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Jivo Leaf, The green biodegradable iPhone case


When your iPhone is dated and you recycle that, throw your Jivo Leaf in the garbage and it will be gone in five years. Microbial bacteria typical of landfills will break it down in just five years, and it won't start to break down until you throw it away, so put your fears aside of your iPhone case disintegrating in your pocket.

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Apple iPhone reads SD cards with ZoomIt accessory


When Steve Jobs took the stage and formally revealed the Apple iPad to the world, one of the first things that left people scratching their heads was the lack of an SD card slot. Then, he showed us that there was an accessory that addressed this need. As it turns out, you can have an SD card reader on the iPhone too.

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Didiom Placeshifting connects all your music to one mobile device


With thousands of audio files in your iTunes library and growing, how do you access your massive archives of digital music without having to “sync” before hitting the road? Didiom has a solution.Didiom is a New York based company who has released a service called Didiom Pro. They take your digital media from your home computer network and let you access it from your mobile phone. Much faster and simpler than syncing or copying files over to memory chips or USB.

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AT&T allows TV on the iPhone through SlingPlayer’s Mobile 3G application


AT&T announced Thursday that the SlingPlayer Mobile application will be able to stream video over their 3G network, allowing users to watch video recorded at home anywhere their iPhone's go.

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Skype on the iPhone with crystal clear calling over 3G coming ‘really soon’


Skype has a new iPhone app on the backburner and were told it will be on the iTunes app store "realy soon." The Skype app will take a nice chunk of change off your monthly mobile phone bill by connecting you with your Skype contacts and utilizing the Skype Out services which come in various packages ranging from low per-minute rates, unlimited local, national and global.

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‘Don’t Eat That’ iPhone app lists 1500+ dangerous food ingredients and additives


I started paying attention to the foods that I ate about 9 years ago. I can say today that it's one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. Not only do I rarely get sick by avoiding foods that attack my immune system and other vital organs, I also feel better all around.

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Logitech Touch Mouse converts iPhone and iPod Touch into a wireless trackpad and keyboard


A new app from Logitech is available at the iTunes App Store. The Touch Mouse app turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a wireless trackpad and keyboard for your computer. You can type, point, click and scroll on either a Mac or PC from a distance.

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VeriFone PAYware Mobile makes iPhone a POS machine


You whip out a card, the shop keeper swipes it on their iPhone, you autograph the screen, a receipt is emailed to you, the transaction is complete. PAYware Mobile is a combination of an iPhone app and a secure card reader encryption sleeve for point of sale purchases.

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uDrove mileage and expense tracker for iPhone, BlackBerry and Androids


Do you drive for a living? Do you spend a lot of time on the road and have to keep track of mileage and gas expenses? uDrove is here to help you manage the mileage.

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iPhone turned fashion assistant, great apps for every style


Every fashion app you will ever need or want is right here, thanks to the Independent and their digging. We took which ones we thought would be best for the mobile iPhone carrying fashionista, have a look and decide for yourself.

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iCall first to unlock VoIP over 3G on the iPhone


iCall is the first mobile application to utilize new features unlocked in Apple's latest iPhone developer SDK. Previous versions of iCall for iPhone restricted users to makingVoIP calls solely over a Wi-Fi network connection, now you can make VoIP calls over 3G.

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iPhone electric guitar dock has app with strings


Ever imagined turning your iPhone in to an electric guitar? Well, sort of. The Ezison 100 released today by Bird Electron in Japan, has created an interesting iPod touch/iPhone dock that will allow you to jam out in a wood and acrylic looking guitar thing.

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Google Voice mobile sneaks back on to iPhone


Google Voice mobile web app for iPhone OS 3.0+ and Palm Web OS was launched today, regardless of Apple's efforts to keep the phone and SMS software off their device.

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Apple Earnings: iPhone sales fly sky high, iPod slightly down


Apple's iPod shipments declined by 8 percent during this quarter, down to 21 million units just one year ago. But the drop in iPod shipments could be that buyers are just opting for an iPhone instead.

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