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Leaked iPhone 5 pic is fake, but Apple might reuse iPhone 4 camera

iphone5 leak is fake

Earlier today we were told that the leaked picture above was the battery and the camera module of the iPhone 5. Internal components like these may not be too exciting to most, but they do reveal something quite interesting. Now it's been revealed by Kyle Wiens from iFixit that the photo is actually of an iPhone 4 module, not the iPhone 5, and was recognized as such by the iPhone 4 upon connection and usage. Still, Apple could be using the same camera for the iPhone 5.

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Beamer Finally Brings Flash to iPhone Camera


Remember the Quirky folks who decided to come up with the Split Stick USB flash drive? Well, the kooky designers are back with another interesting innovation in the form of the Beamer. This iPhone case addresses a common concern for many Apple enthusiasts, bringing the light to your dim pictures. ...

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