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Get going with the Magellan RoadMate iPhone app


Following in the footsteps of offerings like the TomTom app, Magellan has announced an iPhone app of its own geared toward people who need to find their way around town. The Magellan RoadMate app works with the Apple iPhone, of course, as well as the iPod touch. The kicker is that you need to purchase the required Magellen Premium Car Kit in order to get any real functionality of the kit. This is quite different from the TomTom version where the kit is recommended but optional.

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City of Edmonton solicits iPhone apps for $50,000 award


There is more to Edmonton than the legacy left behind by one Wayne Gretzky. There's the Valley Zoo where you can find Lucy the Elephant. There's historic Chinatown, where you can buy ethnic produce and eat at some interesting restaurants. The City of Edmonton wants people to know about these things and they're offering cold hard cash. Recognizing the importance of modern technology, the municipal government is running some sort of contest to solicit iPhone applications.

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Rick Roll iPhone Worm Developer Lands a Real Job

Earlier this month, the Apple iPhone got hit with its first worm. The infection was benign and only affected Australian jailbroken handsets, but it demonstrated a security flaw by never giving you up and never letting you down. Well, it turns out that it pays to Rick Roll the world. ...

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Car Finder iPhone App Finds Your Car (Duh)

We’ve all been there. You hit up the mega mall, the Wal-mart, or any number of major shopping centers and you get lost in the parking lot trying to remember where you parked your car. Was it on this floor? Which entrance did I take? It was next to the ...

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Dedicated iPhone App Released by Air Canada

Canadians on the go are probably pretty familiar with what Air Canada has to offer, but we oftentimes can’t be bothered to look up the information on a real computer or print out a paper boarding pass. Addressing these concerns, Air Canada has now released a dedicated iPhone app for ...

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