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Apple removes jailbreak detection API, hacker adds ASLR security


It's pretty clear that Steve Jobs and the rest of the team in Cupertino aren't exactly fans of people who go around jailbreaking iOS devices. They'd much rather you stay inside the confines of the controlled Apple ecosystem. Strangely enough, though, Apple has decided to pull the jailbreak detection API for its afforded options.

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Consumer Reports: It doesn’t get worse than AT&T


If you restrict your attention to the national carriers in the United States and only consider the kind of service you get with a contract (rather than on a prepaid basis), this Consumer Reports ranking that just came out is not good news for the boys with the blue sphere. Yet once again, AT&T has hit the bottom of the ...

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iPhone 4 is the most fragile phone yet


Do you have an iPhone 4? Are you planning to get one? Sure! Go ahead. Just keep one thing in mind: it is a delicate darling.

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View Adobe Flash on iPhone (iOS) thanks to Skyfire 2.0


Got an iPhone or an iPod touch? Mildly frustrated by the lack of Flash support on your favorite iOS device? As it turns out, that could soon be changing with an interesting workaround. Even more interesting, the solution is apparently Apple approved too.

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PSA: Don’t rely on phone alarms around DST changes


Many people have long since ditched standalone products that their cell phones have replaced. You might not have an iPod anymore, because you have an iPhone, for example. However, you won't want to rely on that iPhone to wake you up in the morning.

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iPhone 4 metal back mod is $13 well spent


It's amazing how a single grain of sand can supposedly destroy the glass back on the iPhone 4, shattering it into a million pieces. That's not a burden that anyone wants to deal with, but you can prevent it with a simple $13 fix: install a metal back.

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Images of Verizon iPhone leaked, immediately debunked


A few hours ago images of what appeared to be the Verizon-bound version of the Apple iPhone 4 surfaced on the Internet. They looked like they could have been legitimate, complete with a slight redesign over the existing GSM model, but it seems that these were a fake all along.

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Apple iPhone 4 still not recommended by Consumer Reports


Vancouver is still experiencing severe shortages of iPhone 4s, and Apple fans are as desperate as ever to get one. Camping out overnight for the slightest possibility of one becoming available. Despite this popularity, Consumer Reports is remaining steadfast in its initial assessment of the device; they still won't recommend buying the iPhone 4.

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Leica M9 skin not official, turns iPhone 4 into a retro shooter


As far as camera phones go, the iPhone 4 does a really good job at capturing the moment. Even so, when you stop to take that picture, you're quite clearly holding up a mobile phone and not a real digital camera. Why not fool a few folks into thinking you have a snazzy Leica instead?

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iOS 4.1 to come to iPhone and iPod, iOS 4.2 for iPad


Steve Jobs today at the Apple keynote said the company will be updating devices to iOS 4.1 very soon. This update will include various fixes and enhancements, including the proximity sensor issue, Bluetooth, and iPhone 3G performance deterioration.

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iPhone 4 with Antennagate fix coming end of September?


This comes by way of an executive from Telcel, a wireless carrier in Mexico. Marco Quatorze says that Apple will have a revised version of the iPhone 4 by the end of next month and it'll take care of that whole antenna problem.

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No iOS 4.0.2 jailbreak solution to be made


The Dev-Team have made a rather important announcement. They're not going to make a jailbreak for iOS 4.0.2. It's not that they're working on it and having trouble, per se; it's that they're not going to bother making one at all.

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Canadian iPhone 4 orders enroute


If you weren't the guy standing in line for hours just to get your hands on the first batch of iPhone 4's from Apple on launch day, then you might be the one who sat at home sipping on a cup of java reading the news about the guy standing in line while ordering yours online.

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China Unicom to receive Apple iPhone 4 in September


It's almost ironic, really, when a product is manufactured in your backyard, but you can't officially buy it before the rest of the world. At long last, the iPhone 4 will be sold in the world's most populous country starting next month. That's right. The iPhone is coming to China.

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Where’s the killer Android messenger app?


TechVibes brings up a very interesting point about some of the applications on various smartphone platforms. On the RIM front, you have exclusive access to the BlackBerry Messenger. On the iPhone 4, you have FaceTime. Where does that leave Google's Android?

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