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Using Google Now On The Galaxy S4 (Video)


Here are the ways with which you can access Google Now on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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Facebook Home Updates To Bring Big Changes In The Future


Facebook will be releasing an update in the future which will bring features such as an app dock, folders, and more to their Home app.

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BlackBerry 10 Devices Approved By US Department Of Defense


The DoD has officially approved the use of BlackBerry 10 devices and the devices running Samsung Knox on its network.

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Google Now For iOS (Video)


Google Now is now available for iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch.

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Best Apps of the Week: A Look at New Apps for iOS and Android (4/19)


Friday has arrived once again! That means it is time to take a look back at some of the best new apps that arrived this week to iOS and Android devices.

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Cut the Rope: Time Travel Coming Soon (Video)


Zeptolabs has released a teaser trailer of their upcoming Cut the Rope: Time Travel game which will arrive sometime in the near future for both iOS and Android.

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Microsoft Office For Android And iPad Coming — in 2014


A leaked roadmap suggests that Microsoft has plans to release Office for iOS and Android a year and a half from now on October of 2014. That could give Google and Apple enough time to plan their best shot against Microsoft.

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Tumblr For Android Gets A New Look


Tumblr has released an update for its Android app. It’s coming with a redesigned interface and a new "post anything" screen among other features.

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Home Good For Both Facebook And Google, But Not Apple


We are taking a look at why the newly released Home app is good for both Facebook and Google, and why Apple comes into the picture.

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Flipboard 2.0 for iOS Lets You Become an Editor

flipboard 2.0

Faster search and improved loading times aren't the only improvements found in Flipboard 2.0. Now you can read, curate and share virtual magazine creations.

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Duck Retro Hunt Brings 8-bit Duck Blasting to Your Mobile


Duck Retro Hunt promises to bring you some of the classic 8-bit shooter fun from the NES directly to your Android and iOS devices.

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Google Now Headed to iOS and PC’s?

Google now ios

Google Now is one of Jelly Bean's great features, but this might not be the case for much longer as rumours suggest a PC and iOS version is on the way!

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No Firefox Browser for iOS Coming Anytime Soon


Mozilla have stated they don't plan to bring Firefox to iOS until Apple relax strict rules regarding custom coded rendering engines.

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MARS App: Learn About The World Around You Using Augmented Reality


The new MARS app from PAR Works makes use of 3D augmented reality to allow you access to customized, tagged information about a product, building, street scene, or object.

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Pebble Can Pull Anything From iOS Notification Center, If Your iDevice is Jailbroken


The Pebble works great with iOS for SMS, email previews and calendar info, but it can do a whole lot more if you are willing to jailbreak your iDevice.

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