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Facebook Phones Do Not Pave Way For Twitter Phones


Yes, we know that there are no "official" Facebook phones coming out of Zuckerburg's money factory, but both HTC and INQ have revealed their Android phones with heavy Facebook integration.

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INQ’s Cloud Touch is a Facebook phone at heart


NQ Mobile is showing off the prototype of their "Facebook phone," an Android-based smartphone with deep Facebook integration called the Cloud Touch. It's got Facebook chat, the news feed on the home screen, and FB events integrated into the Google calendar.

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INQ Mini and INQ Chat Offer Smartphone Look in Non-Smartphone Package


Personally, I’d much prefer to have a real smartphone, like something powered by BlackBerry or Android, but some people are more interested in getting a so-called feature phone instead. At the same time, they want some elements of the smartphone appeal. INQ is approaching this niche market with two brand new offerings that may look like smartphones, but they’re not. ...

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