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Ubi-Camera: Frame Photos With Your Hands (Video)


You might have seen photographers framing photos with their hands before taking a snap. But with the new prototype shooter dubbed Ubi-Camera, you will be able to use your hands to frame the photo as well as shoot it at the same time. The miniature camera is currently under development at the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences.

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NYPD Body Scanners Will Remotely Detect Hidden Weapons


The device makes use of infrared light rays to image radiation that is coming from a person's body. If the person is carrying a metal object such as a gun, it will prevent the rays from reaching the part of the body where the object is. This will result in the appearance of an outline of that object on the scanner.

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Get Endless Green Lights with the MIRT

I enjoy a lazy Sunday cruise as much as the next person, but getting stuck behind a never-ending line of red lights during rush hour is anything but pleasant. Are you tired of waiting for the lights to change too? If so, you may want to check out the MIRT. ...

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