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In-Vehicle Wireless Charging System in Chrysler Cars This Year (Video)


Cars are becoming increasingly high-tech with all sorts of gadgetry all over the place. The Mopar division at Chrysler is introducing an industry first this summer by adding an in-vehicle wireless charging system.

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Inductive Charging for Electric Vehicles Will Be Tested in Berlin


There's nothing new about using electromagnetic induction for "wireless" charging of many devices and gadgets. Gizmag present a good array of examples like a "cable-free option to keep the batteries of everything from mice and keyboards to mobile phones and toothbrushes juiced up."

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Apple iPad 2 gets inductive charging with iPort LaunchPort


Port LaunchPort inductive charger for the iPad 2 has been announced and it's looking simplistically sweet. Like other inductive charging solutions, you don't need a physical cable to connect to your iPad in order to top up its battery. Instead, you simply place it on the charging base and it will magnetically align, juicing up that battery with no wires attached.

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Latest Mockup of Upcoming Apple iPhone 5


Everyone and their grandmother (almost literally) is sitting on pins and needles waiting for Steve Jobs to cross the stage yet once again to reveal how he's changing smartphones all over again with the iPhone 5. The latest rumors point toward a September launch, so until then, we have conjecture and hearsay. We also have the latest mockup of the iPhone 5, based on the most recent and most accurate information available.

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Wood Cutting Board is Really a Wireless Charging Mat

By now, you’ve probably seen some of those wireless charging mats by companies like PowerMat. The idea is that you can simply place your iPod, Nintendo DS, or other portable devices on the mat and they’ll start charging without having to connect a cable. The trouble is that these big black mats can be glaringly obvious and, to some home ...

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