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Steve Jobs Never Got To Be Willy Wonka


You know the story of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and how there was that Golden Ticket that would let the lucky kids tour the factory? Apparently, Steve Jobs was hoping to do the same thing, except he wanted a golden ticket in the millionth iMac sold for the opportunity for the winner to visit him in Cupertino.

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Multitouch screens coming to the iMac?


Apple has confirmed an agreement to fund strategic pre-payments worth $3.9 billion over two years to an unnamed technology during its Q1 results call yesterday. According to company sources, the specific technology won't be named as of yet, though they cite the 2005 flash memory deal as an example of a similar arrangement.

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New Apple MacBook (White) Offers Rubberized Unibody


The aluminum unibody MacBook and MacBook Pro have garnered plenty of attention, but that lowly white MacBook seems to have been left behind. Don’t worry. Apple remembers this end of the market as well and that’s why a completely updated version of the MacBook White has been announced and revealed. ...

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