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Belkin TuneCast FM transmitter for iPhone now shipping


The wait is over. For those with the Apple iPhone 3G/3GS and an outdated automobile lacking Apple connectivity, the Belkin TuneCast Auto Live FM transmitter is just for you.

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CableJive duaLink sync cable for iPod, iPhone doubles the fun


CableJive has introduced its new duaLink. The duaLink is a nine-inch splitter cable that houses a micro-sized custom USB hub right in the connector. This provides two dock connectors that allows connecting, syncing and charging of both your iPhone and iPod from a single USB port, wall or auto charger at one time.

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Online iPhone and Android app creator get’s too popular, too fast


iSites is an online tool that allows you to take your website’s RSS feed and data, then turn it into an iPhone app for only $25. The only problem is iSites has sent too many designs to Apple and cannot keep up with the volume.

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Apple iPhone bootleggers nabbed in Shenzhen


Apple Inc. officials have coordinated with Shenzhen police to raid a workshop in the city's business district today where more than 1,000 iPhones and 6,000 phone batteries were seized.

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iPhone Pocket First Aid & CPR app helps man treat wounds, save life in Haiti


Dan Woolley said Tuesday on The Today Show that he was in Haiti filming a documentary on the efforts to help the poverty-stricken children of the nation. Woolley was at the Hotel Montana in Port-au-Prince when the 7.0 earthquake hit and the hotel collapsed around him.

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IBM Invades Smartphone World with Enterprise Mail


It's not exactly the first name that comes to mind when you consider the smartphone market, but it seems that IBM is ready to make a giant splash in the industry. Before you get your hopes up (or down), IBM is not preparing any hardware. Instead, the company is offering some great software.

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Apple to bring the Bing to iPhone?


An increasing rivalry between Apple and Google is developing. With the launch of the Nexus One phone, a situation has arisen where search giant Google may be ditched as an engine of choice for the iPhone.

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11 year old boy writes iPhone app, donates proceeds to charity


iPhone apps are always being released each day. After long development times, testing, more testing, then Apple's final say, you may be privileged enough to have your app in the iTunes store. Here is an 11-year old boy who wrote his own app, got it approved, and is now donating some of the proceeds to the children's hospital charity.

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Turner Classic Movies available on iPhone, headed for Blackberry, Android..


Turner Classic Movies (TCM) fans will soon be enjoying a new app. Filled with an extensive list of extras for movie obsessed folks, the TCM app will give its users a full-months advanced schedules of movies playing

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Apple iPhone OS 4.0 features revealed


Some details about the iPhone OS 4.0 have fallen from the Apple tree. Hopefully no one will get bruised with the release of this information, as it is possibly scheduled to be announced next week with the mystical Apple Tablet.

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Landscape typing and more with Skype for iPhone 1.3


It’s already pretty cool that you can use Skype on your Apple iPhone, but the current app is not without its limitations. Officially, you can only use Skype over Wi-Fi and not over a 3G connection, but the newest Skype for iPhone 1.3 update comes with a few changes that may bring a small smile to your face. No, the ...

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V Phone VoIP app for iPhone cuts LD to International destinations


VPhone is a SIP client which will allow you to utilize a VoIP service provider on your mobile handset, the iPhone version was just released today.

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iPhone controlled quadrocopter is the Parrot AR.Drone


So that AR Drone Quadrocopter we saw at CES just the other week, well, it's made by a company named Parrot and we've managed to get a hold of some exciting footage of it buzzing around the streets.

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AppOmator to launch iPhone app building portal


Companies and individuals from the music industry can see the opportunities in building their own apps, although building an app isn’t necessarily an easy task. Some Web services provide templates to build your app. NonLinear allows users to fully customize their app. Using AppOmater

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Apple MobileMe Gallery app available free on iTunes


Apple has released their new app that gives subscribers of their MobileMe online service the ability to view photo and movie galleries from either an iPhone or an iPod Touch.  It is also allowing users to share links to their own galleries via email and to view the galleries of other MobileMe members. With the multi-touch in hand, just give ...

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