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BMW i3 Plug-In Electric Concept Car


At the Los Angeles Auto Show this week, the BMW i3 concept coupe was revealed to the public. The plug-in electric car is compact, but it almost has the appearance of a shrunken down crossover.

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RWD BMW i3 City Car Proves Electrics Can Drift, Have Fun (Video)


Just because you want to get an electric car doesn't mean you have to leave "fun" behind. Check out this video of the upcoming BMW i3 in action. It's a fully electric city car that also happens to be rear-wheel-drive. You know what that means?

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New BMW i-Series Focuses on Playing Nice with Mother Nature


Looks like the buzz word of the day is "green." Or maybe it's "eco-friendly." Whatever the case, it seems that every automaker wants to do something that can be perceived as environmentally friendly, and BMW is doing that by launching a new series of vehicles to be sold under the "i" sub-brand.

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