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Sony ‘Hybrid’ Prototype Tablet Might Arrive As VAIO U


Remember that tablet/notebook cross which was shown off by Sony at CES earlier this year? The convertible concept tablet dubbed "Hybrid" looked interesting although there was no confirmation whether the company would work on the prototype for market launch. And now a new info suggests that Sony has plans for bringing out the QWERTY-equipped slider.

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Toyota forges partnership with Ford to develop hybrid trucks and SUVS

ford and toyota

A "preliminary agreement" was reached between Toyota and Ford, and they have promised to work together to build a hybrid drive system primarily for pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles. The goal is to have vehicles using the new tech on the road at some point during this decade. They're also working together on internet-based services and in-car communications.

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Green Lite Motors working on a 100MPG hybrid commuter trike with Autodesk


Until we figure out how to effectively and safely use hydrogen to power all our vehicles, hybrids are going to be the popular option for those who want to be a little more environmentally friendly with their daily commutes. Green Lite Motors agrees and the clean tech company is using Autodesk Product Design Suite to envision what a proper commuter vehicle should be. It's not every day we here about what software the EV guys are using to come up with their creations, so its nice to see Autodesk teaming up with smaller guys out there to show what can be done.

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Is the Honda CR-Z Mugen Too Fast, Too Furious?


I've seen people who have Mugen'd up their Civics and Integras with a fair bit of success, so it'll be really interesting to see what Mugen Euro (based out of Northampton) can do with the sporty little hybrid. The CR-Z MUGEN is based on a joint partnership between the tuning folk and Honda UK.

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Toyota Yaris HSD Brings Hybrid to Tiny Subcompact


I guess today is Toyota Day. They're already going full electric with a new EV Prototype and the hybrid thing is going bigger with the Prius+ MPV, but that's not enough. Pretty soon, every car in a Toyota dealership will be either an EV or a hybrid and that trend is developing with the revealing of the Yaris HSD.

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Ford GT supercar gone green?


Sure, you could take the all-electric route and opt for a Tesla Roadster, but there's just something to be said about Detroit muscle. And that's how we somehow find ourselves looking at the new Ford GT. Except, well, it's a hybrid.

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