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Volkswagen XL1 Hybrid Gets 261 MPG, Goes into Production


When you hear about some of the super hybrids coming out from the major auto companies, they are inevitably concepts that rarely ever make it to dealerships. That is not the case with the upcoming Volkswagen XL1, a slick new VW that can offer 261 miles on the gallon.

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A Real R2-D2 Robot for Your Chinese Plug-In Hybrid Car


On display at the Beijing Auto Show, the Qin is a plug-in hybrid car from Chinese automaker BYD. The car itself isn't terribly exciting as far as sedans go, but there is a little pop-up robot on the dash that serves as a central control point.

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Toyota Aqua: The Even More Compact Hybrid Commuter Car


This is Toyota's smallest hybrid offering on the market and it is said to get 35.4 km per liter; that works out to about 83MPG or 2.8L/100km. That's better than its Prius stablemate, which "only" gets 32.6 km per liter.

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Is the Honda CR-Z Mugen Too Fast, Too Furious?


I've seen people who have Mugen'd up their Civics and Integras with a fair bit of success, so it'll be really interesting to see what Mugen Euro (based out of Northampton) can do with the sporty little hybrid. The CR-Z MUGEN is based on a joint partnership between the tuning folk and Honda UK.

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Live Video: BMW i8 (Vision EfficientDynamics) Playing in the Snow


Instead of just a few spy photos, we've managed to find three spy videos. The BMW i8, which you may have previously known as Vision EfficientDynamics, appears to be a two-door super coupe that will likely compete against the likes of an Audi R8 and other similar vehicles.

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Toyota’s Global Vision Sees 10 New EVs in 4 Years


You know that Toyota Prius+ unveiled earlier this month? It's only the beginning. Toyota is pledging to launch no fewer than ten new electric vehicles (which may or may not include hybrids) by 2015.

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Toyota Prius+: The Plus Means Seven Seats for Soccer Practice


If Jeremy Clarkson despises the Toyota Prius with a passion, he may be enlisting an angry mob with pitchforks and flaming torches for the newly revealed Toyota Prius+. It takes everything about the hybrid car and makes it even less appealing to diehard enthusiasts.

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Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid gets price bump, still not available


Are you one of those high-rolling environmentalists who decided to pre-order a shiny new Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid? Well, you're about to get hit with a double-whack of bad news. First, the car's base price just got higher. Second, you still can't have one.

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