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Abell 1413 Is A Galaxy Cluster 2 Billion Light-Years Away From Us


Take a look at the galaxies that are part of Abell 1413.

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Hubble Video: Galaxies Collide, Gorgeous “Cosmic Bloom” Results


No, it's not the most imaginative or creative of names, but the galaxy dubbed PGC 6240 could be one of the most interesting. It has "hazy petal-like shells" that form a "pale rose in the sky."

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Hubble Captures Stunning Photo of Comet ISON


The scientists of NASA leveraged their Hubble Space Telescope on April 30 to take give photos of the Comet ISON in deep space, stiching together these images to create the photo that you see here.

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Neptune’s 14th Moon Discovered and It’s a Tiny One


The Hubble Space Telescope has just discovered that Neptune has a new moon that was apparently missed back in 1989 when the Voyager passed by the planet.

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NASA and CSA Start Robot Refueling Mission Experiment


Basically, this experiment is to see how well they can service working satellites using robots via remote control.

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