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Can HTC Reclaim What Has Been Lost with the HTC One?


Let's face it, the last few years haven't exactly been easy for HTC. Can the HTC One help HTC get back on the right track or is it too late?

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HTC One, aka M7, rendering leaked

htc one press shot

More alleged leaked renderings appear. Is this Blackberry Z10 looking device really the new HTC One?

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HTC Begins Countdown for Event on February 19th


Next week everyone expects the HTC M7 to be officially unveiled, quite possibly under the name “HTC One”. Now a countdown has begun at HTC's website.

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HTC M7 will officially be name the HTC One

Notoriously accurate Twitter tipster, @Evleaks is reporting that HTC will be renaming the M7 as simply the HTC One one the phone is finally launched. Those of us following the news of the new flagship HTC have referred to the 4.7-inch phone by its internal codename, and we have gotten quite use to the HTC M7 name, so to hear ...

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Leaked Photos of New HTC M4


While photos have recently been leaked of the M7 ahead of it’s expected February 19th unveil, we had nothing to go off of for the M4, until now.

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HTC Myst Rumored to Be the ‘Facebook Phone’

HTC Myst

We haven’t heard much news on the Facebook Phone of late, but now a Twitter user has now come out with information on such a device, known as the HTC Myst.

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HTC Turns to China and Low-Cost Phones for Better Sales


HTC plans to turn to low-cost phones for better sales, allowing them to expand into emerging markets throughout the globe.

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HTC M7 Launching on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile


According to the latest rumors, the upcoming HTC M7 will be released on AT&T, Sprint and T-mobile in the United States. No word on Verizon at the moment.

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HTC M7 Coming March 8th, So Says New Rumor

HTC m7

More than likely you've heard that a new HTC high-end Android handset is set to make its reveal on February 19th, just ahead of MWC 2013. This handset is said to be called the HTC M7.

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HTC Mini is a Dumb Phone for Your Smartphone… Confused Yet?

HTC Mini

The newest accessory from HTC is either absolutely genius or completely nuts. The HTC Mini is a phone for your phone. Wrap your head around that concept.

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New HTC M7 and Sense Screenshots Leaked


Last week we showed off a very primitive rendering of what the HTC M7 might look like, now we are back with a much more detailed render from HTCSource. If the render is the real deal, the HTC M7 will borrow quite a bit from the Windows Phone 8-based HTC 8X when it comes to its overall design.

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HTC M7 Design Leaked via Rendering

leaked htc m7 render

The HTC M7 is one of the most anticipated upcoming phones, and one we hope to see at MWC next month, but if you can't hold on that long to see what the new phone looks like then take a look at this leaked rendering.

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Will Sprint’s Windows Phone 8 Devices be Completely New Hardware?


Samsung and HTC's Sprint handsets will either be refreshes of existing hardware, or they will be brand new hardware and maybe even Sprint exclusives.

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Sprint Confirms Windows Phone 8 Handsets Coming In Summer of 2013


Sprint has now confirmed that they are joining the Windows Phone 8 party, partnering with HTC and Samsung to bring out handsets in the summer of 2013.

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HTC HD2 Smartphone Now Running Windows RT?


When the HTC HD2 originally hit the market it was just an ordinary Windows Mobile 6.5 handset, nothing special or worth gawking at. Now, years later? The HD2 has continued to dodge the Grim Reaper by continuing to live on as a hackable device that allows would-be modders to push modern software onto the device.

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