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HTC $1 Billion Ad Campaign (Video)


HTC’s new “Change” ad campaign will include ads starring Robert Downey Jr. But will these ads be helpful for the company to become more popular?

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HTC Fetch Navigation Tag Helps You Keep Track of Your Stuff


Looking for a better way to track your important valuables? The HTC Fetch navigation tag could be the solution to your problem.

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Analysts: HTC Should Merge with Huawei or Lenovo


In an effort to "inject cash" back into HTC, JP Morgan analyst Alvin Kwock asys that a "merger with a company like Huawei could be a solution."

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HTC Expects to See Q3 Operating Loss of Up to 8%


In its official quarterly report for the Q2, HTC warns its investors that they should expect to see their operating margin fall into the red for Q3. Indeed, they're saying that they could see an operating loss of as much as 8%.

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HTC One Mini Now Official, First Rolling Out in August


We knew it was coming, but the HTC One Mini has finally landed. Join us as a we take a look at what HTC’s ‘mini’ handset has to offer.

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HTC One Mini Spotted


The HTC One Mini has been spotted in China's TENAA database.

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HTC One Max: 6-inch Note 3 Competitor?

According to the rumor mill, the HTC One Max will not only have a massive display, but also a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor and 2GB of RAM.

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Daily Deal: HTC One for Just $49.99 with Contract

An HTC One for just $49.99 with two year commitment? Not a bad price at all. Even better, you can choose from either AT&T or Sprint.

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HTC 8XT: Windows Phone 8 Arriving to Sprint on July 19th


The day is finally here! On July 19th, Sprint will finally get it's first WP8 handset, the HTC 8XT. Shortly after, the Samsung Ativ S Neo will also arrive.

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Snapdragon 800: Samsung, LG, HTC And Sony Devices


The talks are on about Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 800. We are taking a look at upcoming devices from Samsung, LG, HTC, and Sony which will arrive with the new chipset.

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HTC One Mini And Max For AT&T


AT&T is reportedly having plans to launch both the HTC One Mini and One Max.

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HTC Butterfly S Now Official (Hands-On Video)


HTC has unveiled their Butterfly S Android smartphone which features a 5-inch screen and a quad-core 1.9GHZ Snapdragon 600 processor.

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New Image of the HTC One Mini Leaks to the Net


While we’ve known about the HTC One Mini (aka M4) for a while now, we've yet to see a clear, credible image of the device - until today.

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Verizon HTC One Coming Soon


Verizon has confirmed that the HTC One will be available on their 4G LTE network later this summer.

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Rumor: Indestructible HTC Liquidmetal Smartphones Coming This Year


We want our phones to be tougher, but we don't want them to be any bulkier. HTC just might beat Apple to the punch, because there are rumors that HTC may have "several" smartphones made of Liquidmetal before year's end.

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