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Acer Liquid Metal smartphone speeds up to 14.4Mbps 3G


What's that? You thought bumping from 3.6Mbps to 7.2Mbps was already pretty darn fast for a mobile device? Acer wants to go further. That's why the newly revealed Acer Liquid Metal is perfectly capable of doing 14.4Mbps over an HSPA 3G connection.

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Best Buy taking T-Mobile G2 preorders starting today


Before you get too excited about the prospects of getting a shiny new G2, you should know that the launch date for the Android phone is still scheduled to happen on October 6. The good news, though, is that you can place you pre-order at Best Buy's store to guarantee one in your pocket on launch day.

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T-Mobile teases at G2 HSPA + smartphone with Android


Are you anxious to get your hands on the latest Google-fueled hotness? T-Mobile wants you to look its way, because a teaser site has been set up to promote the upcoming T-Mobile G2. They didn't get terribly creative with the name, but it is meant to be the official successor to the T-Mobile G1.

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Get ready for a 42Mbps HSPA+ wireless network from Telus


The idea behind this technology is that it uses "advanced multiplexing techniques to combine two wireless data carriers," each of which can push up to 21Mbps each. Combine these two and you have a single carrier with download speeds of up to 42 Mb/s. That's certainly impressive.

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Nokia E72 appears on Telus Mobility’s internal database


Ever since Telus decided to embrace HSPA, its assortment of smartphones has become much more desirable in my books. One of the newest phones bound for Telus is the Nokia E72.As a proud owner of the Nokia E71 myself, I guess you could say that I'm a little biased toward this news, say, but no more so than an iPhone owning news reporter

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Google Nexus One now official for Telus and Bell

Google Nexus One

Have you been hankering for the coolest Google Android phone on the block but you were assuming that you were not on a compatible network? For my fellow Canadians, Google has some great news.As you may recall, Google announced a regular HSDPA-compatible version of the Nexus One a short while ago. They said that it would play friendly with Rogers Wireless in Canada and AT&T in the United States, opening up some possibilities. As it turns out, the 3G-ness is good with Telus and Bell too.

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Telus Announces Death of SAF, Rise of Clear Choice Plans

When Telus first decided to introduce the Koodo Mobile brand, one of its biggest selling points was the lack of a system access fee. This was a major boon for the Canadian wireless market and it’s a trend that was followed shortly afterward by Fido and others. Well, it seems that big brother Telus is starting to follow in Koodo’s ...

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HSPA Launch List for Bell Mobility Revealed

Rogers Wireless (and its Fido underling) will soon have to relinquish its status as the only HSPA network provider in Canada, since both Telus Mobility and Bell Mobility are about to enter the GSM/HSPA arena. So, what phones will they be bringing to the table? It turns out that Bell is coming out with guns a-blazing. The HSPA phone options ...

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Nokia Booklet 3G Sold Exclusively Through Best Buy

Even though most of us know Nokia for its cell phones and smartphones, the Finnish company recgonizes the opportunity it has to expand into the increasingly popular netbook arena. As such, we first heard about the Nokia Booklet 3G some time ago and now we know where you’ll be able to buy it. It has now been announced that the ...

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Rogers 21Mbps HSPA+ Network Launches in Canada

This won’t be particularly useful news right away for people living in Saskatoon or Victoria, but Rogers Wireless has officially launched its upgraded HSPA+ network in five major cities across the country. This network upgrade will allow for wireless data transfers as fast as 21Mbps. Compare that to the 7.2Mbps that you can get (theoretically) right now. That’s quite the ...

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Get Ready for 21Mbps on T-Mobile 3G Next Year


Mobile broadband is a wonderful and glorious invention, giving us the ability to surf the Internet while on the go. This is great not only for smartphones, but also for 3G-connected laptops and netbooks too. The trouble is that the speed offered by today’s 3G networks still isn’t as fast as what we would get through a conventional DSL or ...

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