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DDoS Attacks And Database Dumps Might Hit Chinese Government Tomorrow


DDoS attacks and database dumps might hit China.

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Smuggled iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Units Seized In China Ahead Of Official Launch On October 17


Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will launch in China on October 17, but customs agents have already found hundreds of the new iPhones.

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Jimmy Lin’s iPhone 6 Leak Is Reportedly Genuine


Jimmy Lin's iPhone 6 should be quite similar in design to the final iPhone 6 from Apple.

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Do You Want The Samsung Galaxy S3 Or The New Meizu MX Quad-Core?


Powered by a Cortex-A9-based quad-core Samsung Exynos chip, the new handset will run Meizu-customized Ice Cream Sandwich (Flyme OS) and has a 4-inch 960 x 640 ASV display. The company claims that the device will feature 20% less CPU power consumption, and its CPU is 60% faster and GPU is 50% faster when compared to its dual core predecessor.

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Man Attempts to Smuggle 30 iPhones Taped To His Chest into China (Video)


He was just trying to get them home, like how salmon return to their original birthplace to spawn. A security video has caught a smuggler red-handed with 30 Apple iPhones taped onto his body. He was trying to get them from Hong Kong into China

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Hong Kong Scientists Inch Closer Toward Real Tractor Beams


Every Star Trek geek has dreamed of this day. We’ve all dreamed of setting our phasers to stun and making use of the Holodeck. Those two innovations aren’t quite here, but it seems like we’re getting closer to tractor beams. Unlike regular lasers that push things away by plastic them with photons, a tractor beam would effectively be a laser ...

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Blaze NDS Lite 3-in-1 Game Selector Swaps on the Fly

Blaze NDS Lite Game Selector

Walk into just about any video game store and chances are that they sell some variety of Nintendo DS Lite case that can hold a couple of extra games. This new product takes this idea to a whole new level, because you can swap the games without ever touching the cartridges again. The Blaze NDS Lite 3-in-1 Game Selector attaches ...

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