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Review: Samsung HMX-QF20 HD Camcorder


The Samsung QF20 is a very compact camcorder, but it comes loaded with a number of impressive features, like integrated Wi-Fi and an assortment of art filters.

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Shoot Extreme Video With iON Action Pro Camcorder


As with other adventure-minded camcorders, the iON Action Pro has been ruggedized to survive the rough and tumble as you tear down the mountain on your snowboard or bike. It's also waterproof up to 50 feet (IPX8), so you can take it along with you when you go surfing.

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Super sleek Casio TRYX camera unveiled at CES, does slow-mo @ 240fps


Casio’s new TRYX camera has been launched at CES and oh boy is she ever pretty. With so many point and shoots on the market they all tend to converge into one dog pile, but TRYX is the kind of camera you’d bring home to mom but wouldn’t let her touch.

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Sony brings 3D bloggie video camera and HD HandyCam with built-in projector to the masses


Sony is going all-out at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, revamping their cameras and camcorders with 3D, HD, HD3D, built-in projectors – basically everything you would expect if R2D2 shagged with your Flip and made benderesque little camcorder babies.

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Samsung Full HD pocket camcorders upload videos to web

Samsung Full HD HMX-P300 (Left) and the HMX-P100 (Right)

Combining portability with quick and easy use, Samsung has developed two new point and "share" camcorders, the Samsung Full HD HMX-P300 and the HMX-P100. Pocket-sized and fashionable, the sleek, black cameras are designed for all you social-networkers.

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The compact Toshiba CAMILEO S30 HD digital camcorder is here


Toshiba unveiled their newest HD Digital Camcorder at CES yesterday. The CAMILEO S30 camcorder films in full HD resolution with image stabalization at 1080p, 720p and 480p modes.

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