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PocketStrings: Practice Guitar Wherever You Go (Video)


PocketStrings will allow you to practice guitar chord fingerings no matter where you are.

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Tabber LED Light Sleeve to Change How We Learn Guitar


What if technology could making learning how to play an instrument easy too? That's exactly what the Tabber Guitar system aims to do. Essentially it is a sleeve that contains thirteen LED lights that communicate with an Arduino Uno Processor and are recharged through a lithium-ion battery.

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Acoustic interface promises lossless recording of oldschool guitars


Fellow buskers: Would you pay $70 to be able to record your music with the same sound and body available to electric-wielders? If so, Alesis AcousticLink might what you're looking for. With a clamp-on acoustic pickup, Cubase LE software and integration with GarageBand, Protools or Studio One, Alesis’ new acoustic recording equipment also eliminates the need for costly and troublesome mic-ing trials.

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iPhone electric guitar dock has app with strings


Ever imagined turning your iPhone in to an electric guitar? Well, sort of. The Ezison 100 released today by Bird Electron in Japan, has created an interesting iPod touch/iPhone dock that will allow you to jam out in a wood and acrylic looking guitar thing.

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