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Google Working on a Smart-watch to Rival Apple and Samsung?

google smart-watch concept

Sources close to Google are reporting that the search giant is currently working on an Android powered smart-watch to rival Samsung and Apple.

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Google Play 4.0 Coming Soon (Video)


Google Play 4.0 will arrive sometime soon. We have a video here which shows a few features about the upcoming redesign.

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Chrome OS and Android Not Fully Merging Anytime Soon


Hoping that Android and Chrome OS soon become one and the same? Unless Google's Eric Schmidt is purposely steering us wrong, I wouldn't get your hopes up.

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Google Plans to Combine All of Its Chat Services into Google Babble

google babble

Many aren’t too keen on the purported name for Google’s rumored integrated chat system, but there is no denying that Google Babble is simply a great idea. If you use Google’s various chat services — which include Hangouts, Messenger, Google Voice or Google Drive’s chat function — you might find incompatibility between the services quite annoying. Luckily this might not be the ...

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Intel Preparing For TV Debut

An Intel logo is seen at the company's offices in Petah Tikva, near Tel Aviv

Intel is preparing for the launch of their television set-top box and has begun recruiting experienced people for various departments of their upcoming service.

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Nikon Camera Tech Coming to Google Nexus 5 Smartphone


This could be slowly changing, because there is a rumor that the upcoming Google Nexus 5 flagship Android smartphone will boast some camera technology coming by way of Nikon.

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Nexus 7 Successor Could See Switch to Qualcomm Processor, Says Rumor


If rumors are to be believed, Google and Asus could be ditching Nvidia as the processor supplier for the next-gen Nexus 7.

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Protesters Hope to Protect Your Privacy by Banning Google Glass

ban google glasses

Are you worried that with all those pairs of Google Glasses heading to the high streets of every major city you will no longer be able to pick your nose in public without it being posted to Facebook? Scared that your friend will record your every word to blackmail you? Or do you just not want to live in a ...

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Feedly Gets 500,000 Google Reader Users


After Google announced their plans to kill their Reader, more than 500,000 of its users have now joined Feedly.

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Google Buys DNNresearch to Extend Neural Network Knowledge


It's a scientific research company that was founded last year by professor Geoffrey Hinton from the University of Toronto, along with graduate students Alex Krizhevsky and Ilya Sutskever. Their research is focused on the understanding of "deep neural networks"

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Google Discontinues Nexus 4 Bumper Accessory (Update: It’s Back)


While the LG Nexus 4 is now becoming a bit easier to get ahold of, its accessories aren’t. The Google Nexus 4 official bumper has sold rather briskly every time stock has come in, and now it looks like Google is discontinuing the accessory altogether. The listing on Google Play for the bumper now shows the description, “Nexus 4 Bumper ...

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Google Removes Ad-Blocking Programs From the Play Store

Google Play

It looks like Google isn't just giving the axe to Google Reader, but to ad-blocking applications as well.

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Google Reader Getting the Axe, Petition to Save it Already At 40k+ Signatures

Google Reader

Yesterday Google apparently decided that they wanted to piss off a bunch of folks by announcing the death of Google Reader. Now a petition aims to save it.

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Sundar Pichai Takes Over For Andy Rubin As Head of Android

Sundar Pichai

Google CEO Larry Page announced today that Andy Rubin would be moving on from his role as head of Android and that Sundar Pichai would take his place.

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Pheed: Are You Using It?


Pheed, which was launched late last year, topped the App Store's social networking category last month. It allows you to post text updates, photos, video and audio clips, and you can even create a live broadcast.

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