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Google Changes Its Mind on Loaning Out Google Glasses, Now Allows It


Google has now changed its stance on the whole “loaning” part of its Google Glasses policy.

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Google Very Strict About The Use Of Google Glasses


Google’s terms of service regarding the use of the Google Glasses suggest that the developers won’t be allowed to resell or loan the device without the company’s permission.

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Google Glasses To Be Manufactured In The US

Sergey Brin

The Google Glasses will be produced in a Foxconn factory in Santa Clara, California. Its price tag will remain pretty high because of the “Made in USA” tag.

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Google Glass Design Under Fire From Cyborg Steve Mann


Google has been making a push for their Glasses with models, videos, and a whole lot of Sergey Brin.

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Huawei Indicates They Could Be Working on Google Glasses Competitor


As Google's Glass marches closer to commercial release, it seems that Huawei could be working on a glasses computer of their own.

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The First Google Project Glass Video


While Google still has a long way to go before the AR experience is complete, it has released the first video sample from Project Glass, posting the video on YouTube in 720p.

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