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Google I/O: Hands-on with 3D buildings in Google Earth 7.0


The Google I/O event has seen a lot of interesting releases and announcements, and one of these if the first public build of Google Earth's 3D flyover features.

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Atlantis Disappears Again! Google Removes ‘Image Of Lost City’ In Its 3D Ocean Upgrade


The lost city of Atlantis disappears again and who else could trigger the vanishing act in the 21st century other than Google!

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UC Berkeley team creates indoor 3D laser mapping technology… in a backpack


At UC Berkeley, the same team behind 3D views of major cities on Google Earth has created a mapping technology “that scans its surroundings and creates an instant 3D model”. The device takes the form of a backpack, where an array of lasers, cameras, and an Inertial Measurement Unit all combine to form a final product of a 3D, textured ...

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Google Earth Mobile app now out for the Nexus One ‘Android 2.1′


There is a new app to add in the already intensive library of Google code for your Android phone. You can use it for everything from Gmail to Google Maps, and now you get to have a global view too thanks to the new Google Earth Mobile app for Android.Developed to work with Android 2.1, the "fastest mobile version of Google Earth" is now available for download through the Google Marketplace. The Android edition of Google Earth will support a screen resolution of up to 800x480 pixels and a "smooth" frame rate.

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