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Verizon Getting Android-Powered HTC Desire 6200 Smartphone?


We knew that T-Mobile wouldn’t be the only American carrier to get a taste of Google Android, but now we’re getting a juicy tidbit of information that is pointing toward a new Android phone for big red. Verizon Wireless subscribers should listen up, because it sounds like the HTC Desire 6200 could be coming your way. You know you want ...

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Windows Mobile and Google Android, Together At Last

So, you’re in the market for a new smartphone and you can’t decide on which operating system you’d prefer. There are certainly some merits to Windows Mobile, but Google Android looks mighty intriguing as well. What is a discerning consumer to do? Get both, of course! The Sunno S880 is actually a dual-boot smartphone. Just as you can hack your ...

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Dell Mini 3i Smartphone: First Live Photographs

Last week, we came across what appeared to be blurry promotional shots of the upcoming Dell Android smartphone. To be name the Dell Mini 3i, this phone has now made it into the real world and we’ve got the photos to prove it. Word of a Google Android phone from Dell had been swirling around for months, but we had ...

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Going Touchscreen-Happy with HTC Mega and HTC Click

Although it may seem like HTC is at the top of its game these days, its revenue figures don’t really back up that claim. The company is hoping to turn things around with some new smartphones and we’ve got a couple of them here that are reportedly coming down the chute. Might I interest you in the HTC Mega or ...

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Android Revolution Gets Even Cheaper for HTC Magic, Dream


I guess that whole Google Android revolution thing at Rogers Wireless hasn’t been quite as popular as the Canadian GSM carrier had hoped. Now that they’re left with a bunch of Android phones with nowhere to go, Rogers has slashed the price again on both the HTC Dream and the HTC Magic. Whether you opt for the touchscreen-only HTC Magic ...

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Motorola Posts Q2 Profits, Sales Cut in Half


How’s this for a paradox? The most recent sales and business report from Motorola has a small tidbit of good news, following by a huge blow of bad news. Let’s start with the bright side. It has been a tough road, but Motorola has managed to post a profit in Q2 of this year. This doesn’t come from an increase ...

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More Than Half of HTC’s Smartphones Will Be Android

I have a feeling that a few guys over in Redmond aren’t going to be happy to hear this. HTC has long since been a champion of Windows Mobile-powered smartphones, but the Taiwanese company has recently shifted its focus over to the side of Google’s Android platform. And they’re liking it. In fact, HTC is liking it so much so ...

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Sony Ericsson Rachael Smartphone with Google Android


When you glance down at the lower portion of this smartphone, you see that it carries the XPERIA branding. However, what this branding does not show is that the rumored Sony Ericsson Rachael could very well be a Google Android smartphone. And it’s got plenty of awesomeness to boot. This is certainly “just” a rumor for the time being and ...

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Android Revolution Just Got Cheaper at Rogers Wireless

Maybe that whole “revolution” at Rogers Wireless isn’t going exactly as planned. Google Android was supposed to be a pretty big game-changer, but it may have been overshadowed by the iPhone. As such, Rogers Wireless has just reduced the pricing on both Google Android phones in its lineup. As you may recall, the so-called Android revolution began in Canada exactly ...

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