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Gameloft to Distribute Capcom Mobile Games for Android

There are a lot of other people who are more interested in games for the Apple iPhone, but Google Android is a perfectly viable platform for mobile gaming as well. That’s why Gameloft and Capcom Mobile have come to an agreement where in the former will be distributing a range of the latter’s mobile offerings on Android. More specifically, Gameloft ...

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First Acer Android Smartphone Ready to Ship This Week


Even though HTC got the clear head start on the Android thing, it seems that a lot of other companies are finally getting in on the Google smartphone action. We already know about the Motorola Droid, among others, but now we are getting our hands on the Acer A1 Liquid, the first Android phone from the Taiwanese company. Most of ...

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Use New Android App to View UStream Videos

The lines that used to separate what a smartphone could do from what a laptop could do are getting blurrier by the day and we’ve reached another major milestone. For all the Google Android users in the audience, you now have the opportunity to watch your favorite streaming videos from UStream thanks to the release of a new Android app. ...

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Samsung Galaxy with Android Heads to Bell Mobility

If you turn your attention over to Rogers Wireless, you may be attracted to the HTC Magic. Turning over to Telus, your eyes may sway toward the HTC Hero. What about Bell? Where do you find your Google Android fix through the third of the big three in Canada? Simple. You turn to the Samsung Galaxy. The rumors have been ...

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Video: Android Powers 7-Inch Camangi WebStation Tablet

Google Android isn’t just for smartphones, you know. We’ve already seen some companies attempt to port the mobile operating system into a netbook form and now we’re getting an Android-powered take on what a Mac Tablet might look like. Except, you know, it’s wrapped all up in Google goodness. It’s not like the Camangi WebStation is entirely new, since it’s ...

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Custom Android UI Named Sony Ericsson Nexus


Arguably, HTC started this whole thing when the company made the TouchFLO user interface overlay for its Windows Mobile phones. Samsung did its thing with TouchWiz and then HTC created the Sense UI for its Android phones. We already knew that the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 would come equipped with its own custom UI and now that UI has a ...

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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 (Rachael) Coming Feb 2010

The world of Google Android is already getting more interesting with the Motorola Droid and the HTC Hero, but Sony Ericsson’s entry could make things even more fascinating. Earlier this month, we learned that the Rachael would be officially called the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 and now we’re learning about the official launch date. Initially, we were told that this ...

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Snake + Tron = Light Racer 3D Game for Android


I think most people use their cell phones for so much more than just voice calls and text messages. Mobile gaming is bigger than ever and it seems that the Google Android platform has a fun little addition to consider in the form of Light Racer 3D. There is a very definite Tron-like feel to how this game looks. You ...

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Motorola Droid Does Qik at 720×480 Resolution


Qik is a pretty nifty service and it is available on the vast majority of smartphones, but it seems that the new Motorola Droid is the best candidate for the live-streaming service. Unlike other phones that get stuck with less than desirable resolutions, the Droid can do Qik at up to a widescreen DVD resolution. This isn’t quite the same ...

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HTC Expresses Interest in Re-Entering Netbook Market


Even before the original Asus Eee PC hit the scene a couple of years ago, the concept of a netbook had already existed through a series of handheld computers. There were devices that were slightly bigger than PDAs and HTC wanted a piece of the pie. Unfortunately, devices like the HTC Advantage and HTC Shift didn’t exactly go their way. ...

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Get HTC Magic for Free from Future Shop


As I was poking around in the weekly flyer from Future Shop, I saw something that just might be fantastic news for all the Google Android fans in Canada. Want to get the ‘droid, but don’t want to break the bank? You might want to head over to Future Shop to grab your HTC Magic smartphone, since they’re selling it ...

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Sony Ericsson Rachael Officially Unveiled as XPERIA X10

How does that saying go? Something about a rose by any other name? This highly anticipated handset has gone through several different names in its storied past, being known as the Sony Ericsson Rachael at one point and the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X3 at another point. Well, it’s got an official name now and it’s going to be known as ...

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Extensive Hands-On Session with Motorola DROID Smartphone


If the ad campaign is to be believed, the Motorola DROID is supposed to be everything that the iPhone is not. There’s a lot riding on this handset, not only for Motorola, but also for Verizon and the Google Android 2.0 platform. Well, based on some early impressions, it seems that this partnership has worked out in spades. The Boy ...

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Motorola MILESTONE: Europe Gets Its Moto Droid Too

The phone that we once knew as the Sholes and the Tao is finally growing up. We already know that Verizon Wireless will be getting the Motorola DROID to launch its line of Google Android smartphones, but what about our friends over in Europe? Well, they’re getting a version of the DROID as well and it’s going to be called ...

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Google Maps Navigation for Android Announced

Ever since I picked up my Nokia E71 and loaded it with the Google Maps application, I haven’t used my standalone Garmin GPS navigation device. The regular mobile Google Maps app can give directions, but it doesn’t do turn-by-turn. Well, that’s changing with Google Maps Navigation. And, like its predecessors, it’s free too. The new turn-by-turn GPS navigation application is ...

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