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Telus Will Not Launch Motorola Milestone This Month


The Motorola Droid has been quite the success for Verizon Wireless, offering a very viable alternative to the Apple iPhone. Canadians have been offered Google Android phones, but they haven’t seen anything quite like the Droid just yet. That could be changing, but not quite so soon. We had known ...

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Cancel Nexus One Service, Pay Fees to T-Mobile and Google


As it turns out, it really may be in your best interest to pay the full unlocked and unsubsidized price for the Nexus One "Google Phone." As you may recall, the Nexus One clocks in at $529 for full retail, but you can have that subsidized down to just $179 should you sign up for a qualifying contract with T-Mobile USA. For most Americans, the subsidized route sounds more appealing, but it could come with a rather expensive penalty should you choose to cancel your T-Mobile service within the first 120 days.

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New Android and webOS Smartphones Coming to AT&T


AT&T held a press conference earlier today, announcing that they’ll have a few new additions to the family in the coming year. The newest bundles of joy to join the stable already inhabited by the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile will take on a new look, thanks to Google ...

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Video: User Interface on Nexus One Google Phone

Some people have said that the official Google Phone will be pretty groundbreaking, whereas others say that it will be just another Android phone. Well, based on the video embedded below of the Nexus One, this smartphone will at least be different from an aesthetic standpoint. The user interface is ...

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Video: ODROID Android Gaming Handheld Demo

The Google Android platform is turning out to be quite a bit more versatile than some people had first expected it to be. We thought that Android would be for smartphones only, but we’ve already seen it implemented in netbooks too. Well, get ready for the ODROID Android gaming handheld, ...

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International Users Blocked from Google Navigation

This news won’t affect anyone who is sticking to the United States, but for everyone else in the world, this is a rather unfortunate turn of events. As you may recall, some Android hackers have managed to get Google Maps Navigation to work around the world. I guess Google wasn’t ...

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