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Going hands-on with the almost-a-tablet Dell Mini 5 prototype


Even before the Apple iPad officially broke the surface, we had already seen a number of UMPCs and MIDs hit the market. You do have to admit that Cupertino will really help to put the mini-tablet on the map, though, so it's interesting to look at the immediate competition. One of the most captivating? The Dell Mini 5.

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Motorola Backflip is AT&T’s first Android smartphone


Everyone seems to be jumping on the Google Android bandwagon these days, but how can they not? AT&T wants in on the action so they decided on a release date of March 7th for the Motorola Backflip. That's less than a month away.

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iPhone 4G Poll: What features would you like to see for the next iPhone?


Can Apple's iPhone hold their dominant place in the market? Google Android is really doing a number and their shipped units are breaking through the roof. What would you like Apple to include in their next-generation iPhone 4G smartphone in order to keep you from becoming a Droid? Cast your votes now. If there is something we missed, or a feature you would like to mention, please leave a comment.

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Marvell Pantheon 800MHz chipset to create the $99 smartphone market


As it turns out, you won't need to break the bank if you want to get your hands on a surprisingly powerful smartphone. Yesterday, we heard about the ST-Ericsson U6715 mobile chipset that would bring smartphones down to about $135, but today it's even cheaper with the $99 Marvell Pantheon smartphone platform.

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Garmin-Asus reveals two handsets: nuvifone Android A50 and WinMo Nuvifone M10


It felt like it took forever for us to see the first commercially-available Garmin nuvifone, but that has happened and now it seems that they are ready to keep the series of smartphones going. The newest additions to the collection are the Garmin-Asus nuvifone A50 and nuvifone M10. Do they look familiar? There are certainly some differences from the previous ...

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Apple iPad outperformed by Notion Ink Adam Tablet?


Are you ready? Just as the iPhone paved the way for so many other touchscreen smartphones, it seems that the floodgates are opening for all sorts of Apple iPad alternatives. One of the latest to enter the arena is the Adam Tablet from Notion Ink. On paper, this device sure sounds appealing, but how is it in the real world?

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Motorola Milestone not coming to Telus on February 18th after all?


We had high hopes. While our wish for a January launch got dashed, we figured that the Motorola Milestone would hit the Telus lineup by mid-February. Now, it seems like the Android-touting smartphone has hit another delay. At least, that's what a change on the Best Buy website is leading us to believe.

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Motorola Droid goes smaller, becomes the Motorola Devour on Verizon


Verizon is pretty happy with how the Motorola Droid is doing in the marketplace, but not everyone wants to have a cell phone of that size. Catering to the more pocket-friendly demographic is the newly announced Verizon Devour.

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Telus to Launch Motorola Milestone on Feburary 15


Those of you looking for one of the hottest new Android phones on the block may want to turn your attention over to the boys and girls at Telus Mobility. Canada isn't getting the Motorola Droid any time soon, but it is getting the Motorola Milestone. That's essentially the same phone.

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Deposit@Mobile now available for Android, iPhone no longer alone


Google Android Nexus One users, and other Android smartphone owners will be able to use Deposit@Mobile to deposit checks into their account without ever having to go to the bank again

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AT&T to get Snapdragon-powered MOTOSPLIT with Android


Motorola has already confirmed its commitment to the Google Android platform with the highly successful Motorola Droid available through Verizon, and rumored to be released by Telus either tomorrow or the 2nd week of February as the Motorola Milestone. Well, it seems an even more interesting Android phone is coming to AT&T from Moto too.

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IBM Invades Smartphone World with Enterprise Mail


It's not exactly the first name that comes to mind when you consider the smartphone market, but it seems that IBM is ready to make a giant splash in the industry. Before you get your hopes up (or down), IBM is not preparing any hardware. Instead, the company is offering some great software.

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REVIEW: LG Eve GW620R Android Smartphone


One thing that really changed in 2009 was the increasing popularity of the Google Android platform. In the beginning, we only had the T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream G1) if we wanted to get into the Android thing, but now there are several other manufacturers getting in on some Google-fueled action. There’s the Motorola Droid from Verizon, for instance, as well ...

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T-Mobile myTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition Rocks Out


Do you like the Google Android platform, but you also like to rock out on the weekends? It seems that the team at T-Mo have you covered, because here is the extra special T-Mobile myTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition they have just announced. Yes, that’s the same Fender that does guitars. For me, the Fender name is more associated with ...

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Android and BlackBerry Get Slacker Radio in Canada


Are you looking to get some premium radio going on with your smartphone in Canada? We get stuck behind the curtain of the CRTC a little too often, but at least one service has managed to jump through the right hoops, because Slacker Radio is making its way to Canada via BlackBerry and Android devices. The announcement has just been ...

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