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Q By Aston Martin Is Set To Revive Lagonda Marque With A Flagship Sedan


Q by Aston Martin is working on reviving the Lagonda marque by launching a flagship sedan.

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New Bentley Luxury Crossover Spied Inside Out At the Alps


2016 Bentley luxury crossover.

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Sneak Preview of the Ferrari F70 Supercar


Growing up, one of my favorite supercars had to be the Ferrari F40. It was just a gorgeous machine that was remarkably fast. Ferrari is continuing the long-standing tradition with the upcoming Ferrari F70 and, yes, she's a beauty.

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Mega Range On Offer In Tata’s REEV Concept ‘Megapixel’


The Megapixel, an evolved version of the REEV concept ‘Pixel’ the company unveiled in Geneva last year, uses four 10 kilowatt motors attached to the wheels plus a single-cylinder 325cc range-extending engine that runs on petrol. The engine is capable of generating 22 kw of power while charging the lithium ion phosphate battery and add to that the rather light design of Megapixel means it has a net range of 900km and an electric-only range of 87 km.

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Lamborghini To Unveil ‘Batmobile’ Of A Car At Geneva Motor Show


Batman won’t have to go into his cave and hunch on his drawing-room table to design an upgraded ‘Batmobile’. He just needs to walk into Lamborghini.

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Bertone Nuccio Concept Car: The Stratos HF Zero For A New Generation


Italian design house Stile Bertone is famous for some of the most beautiful cars in history and none of the company’s concepts are more famous than the 1970 Lancia Stratos HF Zero. The futuristic design of that prototype will always be alive in the hearts of many sports car fans around the world. And it appears like the company is planning to keep it that way.

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Morgan 3 Wheeler Returns with Speeding Bullet Design


If you're thinking that the three-wheeler thing has been done before, you'd be right. I remember seeing the T-Rex a few years back, for example, as well as several other cars that put two wheels in the back and a driving wheel in the back. The Morgan 3 Wheeler continues that tradition, but it's no copycat.

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New Toyota EV Prototype Breaks Cover, Based on iQ


Generally speaking, the most efficient cars also happen to be among the smallest. After all, why haul around all that extra weight and size when you don't need to? And that seems to be the thinking behind the newest Toyota EV Prototype, which is based on the iQ subcompact.

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Fully-Electric Rolls Royce 102EX Phantom Debuts in Geneva


The whole concept of what it means to be an electric vehicle has really started to shift in the last few years. From the Tesla Roadster to Nissan’s electric concept, you can’t say they’re not fast anymore. With the annnouncement of the Rolls Royce 102EX, you can’t say they’re not luxurious anymore either. Set to make its official debut at ...

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Honda 3R-C concept hybrid trike coming to Geneva


Honda's latest concept to be shown at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show will stand on only three wheels and produce zero emissions when in use. The Honda 3R-C is a concept designed by their Milan division, it's meant for single commuters who need a quick, peppy, and low-emission means of transportation.It has a covered clear canopy to protect you from the elements. The drivetrain is very low, similar to the subaru boxter, where stabilization is increased by lowering the vehicles center of gravity.

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