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The $650 Bulletproof iPhone Case


The iPhone certainly needs protection, but there’s no need for too much of it. Japanese firm Marudai has come out with an iPhone case which appears to be the toughest case ever made, although it’s also the most impractical.

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G-Form launches gear with Reactive Protection Technology in basic black


G-Form, the company known for its bright yellow lightweight products that stiffen on impact and provide optimum support for any body part, just announced that it will be releasing its first line of impact-absorbing athletic protection in a more discreet color: black.

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G-Form iPad Case Dropped Out of a Plane, Smashed with Bowling Ball

Screen shot 2011-05-12 at 4.31.03 PM

Some of you weren't totally convinced by the G-Form video we posted last week.  Well, for those of you who second guessed its ruggedness, the crazy folks over at G-Form have responded by dropping one iPad off an airplane, as well as dropping a massive 12lb bowling ball on top of it.

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Survive 20 Foot Drops with Rugged iPad, MacBook Extreme Sleeve


G-Form knows that there is a good number of tech users out there that are quite active, and perhaps a bit careless too. This is why they created the Extreme Sleeve.

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