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Check Out This Awesome Goal By Claire Lavogez In The U-20 Women’s World Cup


France's Claire Lavogez scores a spectacular goal.

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Drone Reportedly Spied On French Football Team


Did a drone spy on the French football team's practice session at the World Cup training base?

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Multipod Studio’s Pop-Up House (Video)


Check out Multipod Studio's Pop-Up House, an affordable little prefab home.

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Lonely Superheroes (Photos)


Photographer Benoit Lapray's new photo series is all about lonely superheroes.

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Le PRISM: French Government Monitors Citizen Phone and Internet Too


Unsurprisingly, the United States government is not the only one putting on the Big Brother act, because the French government appears to be doing much the same.

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Wall-Ye Robot Helps Inspect Vineyards for Bugs and Other Issues


Robots are invading just about every aspect of modern life. They are helping with noodles, outrunning athletes and even replacing pack mules. This time around, they are making their way to our vineyards as well. French inventor Christophe Millot has created “Wall-Ye”, named after Pixar's own WALL-E.

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HP officially announces Palm Pre 2, webOS 2.0


The original Palm Pre was the darling of CES 2009 and many industry experts pegged it as the first real competition to the Apple iPhone. While it achieved some success, it never really took off and Palm was eventually sold to HP. Well, that new relationship has birthed a successor in the form of the Palm Pre 2 and it's all official.

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