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President Obama Plays Football with Japanese Robot (VIDEO)


President Obama Plays Football With Japanese Robot Asimo U.S. President Barack Obama President had a great time playing soccer with a Japanese robot ASIMO. ASIMO, the Honda Robot, looked like a 10 year old dressed in an astronaut suit having a lot of fun showing multiple things he could do to impress the President, including challenging him to kick the football with him. ...

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Strange Corner Kick Routine Fails (Video)


An unusual corner kick routine.

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Football Pitch Powered by Players Unveiled By Pele And Shell (Video)


Pele and Shell unveil first football pitch which will be powered by players.

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Luis Suarez Thought Giorgio Chiellini Was A Tree (Lol)


Luis Suarez could get banned for biting Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini in a FIFA World Cup match. But the internet has been flooded with all kinds of funny pictures related to the biting act.

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The Longest Goal Shout


The world record for the longest goal shout.

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FIFA World Cup 2014 To Be Kicked Off By Paralyzed Teen (Video)


The FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil will be kicked off by a paralyzed teen wearing a motorized exoskeleton.

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The Future of Foosball is on your iPad


Enter the appropriately named Classic Match Foosball Table. It's a miniature foosball table where you can dock your Apple iPad and really engage in a game with virtual players on those virtual sticks.

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Real Football 2013 – Android Review


Gameloft have got to be one of the biggest and most well-known developers for mobile gaming right now, as they’re constantly bringing out a variety of games spread throughout many different genres. For all you sports fans out there, Gameloft have now released the new Real Football 2013, which follows on from the 2012 version.

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Ultimate Tazer Ball Is One Dangerously Funny Sport (Video)


In Football, if you mistake your opponent’s head for the ball, you are out of the game. In Baseball, if you test the strength of your bat on the head of your opponent, you might not play ever again. In Ultimate Tazer Ball, if you pass an electric current through your opponent’s body with a stun gun, you may just end up being player of the game. The sport actually lets you cause serious injuries to the members of the opposing team, sounds perfect.

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Vuvuzela owned by Elgato EyeTV filter


The first World Cup 2010 game I had watched was different. It wasn’t the broadcast picture, although I was hoping for an NFL quality feed. It was a humming background noise that slowly grew my agitation. I later found it to be a “traditional” instrument of the South African's known as the Vuvuzela. This little $3 horn caused not only grief to me, but the players on the field who had to endure its humming harmonic resonance for no less then 90 minutes per match. I said during the match, “cant the audio technicians over there filter out that frequency?” Well, they probably can, but won’t because of the Fifa President’s official message sent out on twitter “I don't see banning the music traditions of fans in their own country."

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