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Apple iNewspaper Coming Soon?


Apple iNewspaper.

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Samsung and LG March Closer to the Goal of a Commercial Flexible Display


Samsung has been talking about flexible display technology for years now, but if they don't watch out, it could be LG that beats them to the market.

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Samsung Reportedly Packing 5.5″ Flexible Displays for CES Trip


Flexible display technology is by far one of the coolest new concept technologies. Now that Super AMOLED and 1080p displays have been introduced, we look forward for the next big thing, and what better a place to show them off than CES 2013.

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Samsung Galaxy Q to Feature Foldable Display, Debuts in 2013?


The idea of foldable and flexible smartphone screen from Samsung is nothing new. We've been hearing rumors about the technology for a while, though we've yet to see an actual product utilizing the technology. This might be changing beginning next year with the introduction of the Samsung GT-B9150.

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Flexible AMOLED Displays are here, and possibly on their way to the Note 2


In light of the recent news regarding a flexible battery, it's not surprising that rumors are popping up again about an upcoming flexible display coming its way to the smartphone world. What is a little unexpected though is that these rumors claim that the upcoming Galaxy Note 2, which is expected to be shown off on August 29th, might have such a display, a flexible super AMOLED.

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Wexler Flex One E-Reader, First with LG Flexible E-Paper Display


Before you get too excited about curling up this e-reader to stuff into your backpack, realize that the flexible e-paper display here is still inside a reasonably stiff chassis. But that doesn't mean that it is not without its benefits.

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Stretchable OLED display expands up to 45 percent in size


Researchers at UCLA have come up with the world's first fully stretchable OLED display. This is quite different from just being bendable. That's because they can take this strip of OLED and pull it, stretching that light to expand up to 45 percent along one axis. This flexible and stretchable property could make this kind of tech remarkably useful for applications like robotic skin and other embedded medical devices.

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i2R e-paper is re-writable with heat, works without electricity


Even though many people have started to use tablets, the e-paper technology found within several e-readers is still quite remarkable. A group of scientists from Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute have developed a new form of rewritable electronic paper that does not require any electricity at all.

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Toshiba Getting Closer to Flexible Rollable Phones


The trouble with pretty much every screen technology out there right now is that it's rigid. It doesn't matter if you go for LCD or AMOLED; the screen has to be stiff. Well, we're getting that much closer to true commercial viability of flexible displays thanks to a recent prototype from Toshiba.

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Video: Paperphone Concept takes e-ink Technology to the next level


We've seen e-ink displays before. We've seen flexible displays too, but this is the first time that we've really seen the two put together in the context of a smartphone concept. Scientists at Queen's University in Ontario have come up with just that, and they call it the Paperphone.

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First Flexible E-Book Reader Coming from Bridgestone?

This whole e-ink thing was around before the Amazon Kindle hit the scene, but the same can be said about MP3 players before we saw the first Apple iPod. It seems that e-book readers could be the next big thing, but they’re all so stiff. Ironically enough, the first flexible e-reader could be coming from Bridgestone. Yes, the same Bridgestone ...

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