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Batteries in Your Shoelaces? Could Someday Be Possible Thanks To LG


LG Chem might not be as well-known as its parent, but that doesn't mean the branch isn't important. A new development by the South Korean electronics company could have major potential down the road. What is it? A whole new form factor, a battery that is a wire.

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Flexible Batteries Are Finally Here


The idea of a flexible smartphone sometime in the not-so-distant future certainly is a dream that many of us have heard about on more than one occasion. The idea that you can bend a phone without any damage occurring is a fascinating concept, even if it seems to be far from seeing itself as a complete concept. Part of the puzzle in getting this type of device up and running is to make sure that all the components are flexible, and that includes the battery.

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Future Clothing Will Have Batteries Inside Fabric


Maksim Skorobogatiy and his colleagues at the Polytechnic School of Montreal have come up with a way that has flat, flexible batteries built right into garment fabric.

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