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Google Granted Patent for Multi-Flash


On most smartphones, your camera tends to have just one or two flashes to help it out, but Google may change all that with its new multi-flash patent.

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Adobe Flash Player For Android


Google's Market now offers Adobe Flash Player for Android mobile devices that qualify (generally speaking, Android 2.2+ phones and tablets).

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Apple Is Rumored To Buy Anobit Memory Chip Maker At $500M


Reuters reports that Apple is in advanced negotiations to buy Anobit for $400 - $500 million.

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Mozilla releases Firefox 4 Beta 5 for Android and Maemo


Firefox 4 Beta 5 for Android and Maemo was released yesterday, promising better-than-ever performance and stability.

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Flash 10.2 Optimized For Mobile – Will The iPad 2 Get It?


Adobe Flash 10.2 is coming to Android 3.0 devices including the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and BlackBerry Playbook, says Adobe, with Stage Video GPU acceleration to reduce RAM gobbling, smooth out performance and prolong battery life. Could these performance enhancements allow it Flash on the next-generation iPad?

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Showtime: Its RIM vs Apple


Apple has had its share of competitors since times immemorial – Microsoft, Adobe, Google – you name them. And if present trends are anything to go by, you may as well add RIM (yes, the ones behind the Blackberry) to the list.

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View Adobe Flash on iPhone (iOS) thanks to Skyfire 2.0


Got an iPhone or an iPod touch? Mildly frustrated by the lack of Flash support on your favorite iOS device? As it turns out, that could soon be changing with an interesting workaround. Even more interesting, the solution is apparently Apple approved too.

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Vimeo now friendly with iDevices, supports HTML5

Vimeo on iPad now playing videos via HTML5

YouTube is undeniably the biggest dog in the yard when it comes to online video sharing, but other options shouldn't be overlooked either. Trying its best to get in good with Apple fans, Vimeo has now launched a video player that'll work with your Flash-free iPhone and iPad.

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Adobe to Steve Jobs: We have Android :P


After the “open letter” Steve Jobs released this morning basically saying Flash will be allowed on the iPad and iPhone just as soon as hell freezes over. Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch responded with his very own “open letter," a blog post titled Moving Forward, outright saying “We look forward to delivering Flash Player 10.1 for Android smartphones as a public preview at Google I/O in May, and then a general release in June.” Among many other things implying that Apple is not only blocking their code, but many others related to the legal conditions mandated on application developers.

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BlackBerry Getting Support for Silverlight and Full Flash


Part of the reason that we are forced to use dedicated YouTube applications on many smartphones is that the embedded browsers cannot handle Flash content. Research in Motion recognizes this frustration, so it’s working on a fully integrated solution. More specifically, the boys at RIM are planning an updated version of the BlackBerry Browser that will integrate full support for ...

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