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Want to take Firefox OS for a spin? Firefox Plugin Makes it Easy


While Firefox OS isn't here yet, it is coming soon--- sometime in early 2013. If you are interested in the OS and want to give a test drive, you previously could use a nightly build and throw it onto the Raspbery Pi or even flash it to a Galaxy Nexus. These methods were both quite complicated, though. Good news, a new Firefox browser plug-in allows you to emulate FireFox OS on Mac, Linux and Windows.

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Check This Out, Firefox OS Running On Raspberry Pi


With the Raspberry Pi, $35 has never bought you so much flexibility. It's a Linux file server, it's an Android entertainment device, it's a Linux media player- it's whatever you want it to be. The newest OS to make its way to the $35 mini-PC motherboard is Mozilla's Firefox OS. For those that don't know, Firefox OS is an HTML5 and “open web”-tech OS that is designed by Mozilla and will be targeted towards entry-level smartphones starting in 2013.

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