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Video: LG Fireweb Smartphone Powered by Firefox OS


We've only seen a very small handful of Firefox handsets thus far, but now one of the biggest names in smartphones has revealed its take on the mobile OS: the LG Fireweb.

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LG Working On Tablet, Phablet, Smartwatch And Firefox OS Device


LG is reportedly working on releasing a tablet, phablet, smartwatch and a Firefox OS device in the future.

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Firefox OS has Landed! ZTE Open Now Available in Spain


Firefox OS has landed! The ZTE Open is now available in Spain for just $90 outright, including $40 worth of free airtime minutes.

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Foxconn and Mozilla Teaming Up, Could Bring Firefox OS Tablet?


Recently Foxconn and Mozilla announced they were working together on a Firefox OS related project. Now rumors have surfaced suggesting it will be a tablet.

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Tizen vs Firefox OS vs Ubuntu: Battle for Fourth Place


Ubuntu, Firefox OS and Tizen are all receiving quite a bit of attention, but how do they stand in terms of support and current tech demonstrations?

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Samsung Developer Handset Running Tizen 2.0 (Video)

tizen 2.0 hands on

Samsung has shown off a developer handset which runs the Tizen 2.0 OS at the Mobile World Congress, but can it stand out in the crowded mobile OS market?

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Samsung not interested in Firefox OS

firefox os

Samsung have announced that they are not interested in making a Firefox OS phone, and are backing Tizen with everything they've got.

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ZTE Firefox Phone Coming to MWC 2013


Believe it or not, ZTE is actually the fifth largest smartphone company in the world. And now the Chinese company is preparing to broaden its horizons by unveiling its first smartphone powered by Mozilla Firefox OS.

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Mozilla Announces Developer Preview of their Mobile Firefox OS


With Ubuntu, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone and iOS in 2013, we’re already pretty spoiled for choice this year, but that’s not stopping Mozilla from stepping into the smartphone arena and showing the masses what they’re capable of.

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Mozilla Prepares to Launch Firefox OS in Brazil, Working with ZTE and Alcatel Going Forward


When is Firefox OS actually coming? We've been hearing 2013 for a while now, but the good news is that Mozilla is finally giving us a bit more information about what the future holds.

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Want to take Firefox OS for a spin? Firefox Plugin Makes it Easy


While Firefox OS isn't here yet, it is coming soon--- sometime in early 2013. If you are interested in the OS and want to give a test drive, you previously could use a nightly build and throw it onto the Raspbery Pi or even flash it to a Galaxy Nexus. These methods were both quite complicated, though. Good news, a new Firefox browser plug-in allows you to emulate FireFox OS on Mac, Linux and Windows.

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ZTE Hopes to launch FireFox OS Smartphone in 2013


For a while now, Mozilla has been talking about its upcoming Firefox OS and how they hope to have it ready to market by 2013. Firefox OS isn't designed for those that want a high-end phone, instead it has the entry-level market in mind.

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Firefox Marketplace Finally Leaked, Utilizes Minimalistic Approach


Mozilla is preparing to launch its own mobile platform, FireFox OS in 2013. We've already seen some pictures from nightly test builds, but we have little information about the look or feel of the app store- until now.

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Check This Out, Firefox OS Running On Raspberry Pi


With the Raspberry Pi, $35 has never bought you so much flexibility. It's a Linux file server, it's an Android entertainment device, it's a Linux media player- it's whatever you want it to be. The newest OS to make its way to the $35 mini-PC motherboard is Mozilla's Firefox OS. For those that don't know, Firefox OS is an HTML5 and “open web”-tech OS that is designed by Mozilla and will be targeted towards entry-level smartphones starting in 2013.

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Does Firefox OS Have What It Takes To Compete In The Mobile OS Space?


With so many mobile operating systems is there really room for more in this increasingly crowded space? Mozilla seems to believe so, as it is getting increasingly closer to its final work with FireFox OS.

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