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New monthly prepaid plans coming to Fido on March 28


Fido is known as the less expensive canine companion of Rogers Wireless. While I'm not sure if these new price points will save you that much money in the long run, it is good to see some new options. There will be two new monthly prepaid plans made available through Fido by the end of this month.More specifically, there is a new $19 plan and a new $29 plan to be offered starting March 28th. They say that this is so that they can stay competitive in the expanding Canadian wireless market.

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Fido adds “Check Your Usage” to online account profiles


Fido Check Your UsageI remember reading some time back when that Rogers would be adding a utility to allow wireless customers access to their current usage, helping to ensure that they don't go over their monthly allotment. Then, they released an iPhone app to do the same. It seems that the pet dog is getting a similar service now.When I logged into my online Fido account this morning, I discovered a new banner in the "My Account" area. The banner, displaying a rather relaxed dog, told me that I could "view your usage for your minutes, data and messaging."

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Fido update confirms arrival of BlackBerry Curve 8520


A couple of weeks ago, we heard the initial rumors about the BlackBerry Curve 8520 making its way over to Fido. Those reports now have a little more credence, thanks to a leaked document from the dog's yard.

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BlackBerry Curve 8520 Bound for Fido’s Yard

BlackBerry Curve 8520 Bound for Fido's Yard

Do you prefer the lower prices offered by Fido, but you want a BlackBerry option beyond that lowly Pearl 8100? At long last, it seems that a QWERTY-equipped RIM smartphone is making its way into the dog house… so to speak. It has been revealed that Fido will be adding the BlackBerry Curve 8520 to its collection. As you may ...

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Fido Gains LG Xenon Touchscreen QWERTY Phone

With the noted exception of the Apple iPhone 3G and 3GS, the Fido brand is largely known for being a budget-oriented place for people who need basic cell phones. The current selection isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, so it’s good to see a decent phone join the mix. Here is the LG Xenon. While the touchscreen display ...

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Fido Launches Nokia 2720 Flip Phone for Free

Some people don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles of an Apple iPhone. They have no interest in the security of a BlackBerry or the open source nature of Android. They just want a simple phone that works. For those people, Fido just may have the ticket with the Nokia 2720. Perhaps the most appealing factor is its price. ...

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Free “My Account” iPhone App for Rogers and Fido

Want to make sure that you’re not yakking past your minutes this month? Nowhere near a computer where you can log into your account and you don’t want to bother with calling 611 on your handset? It seems that Rogers Wireless and Fido have the iPhone people covered with the new “My Account” app. Naturally, both the Rogers and Fido ...

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Fido Gets Ready for Nokia 2720 Fold

While big brother Rogers Wireless is gearing up with the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and other ultimate webphones, poor puppy Fido has been left fighting for table scraps. Since Fido is approaching budget-minded consumers, it’s not surprising that one of the newest phones to join the dog house is another budget-minded handset. It’s not available quite yet, but the Nokia 2720 ...

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Fido Reaches Back to 2005 to Find Nokia 6682


You know that legislation that was passed requiring wireless carriers in Canada to provide at least one phone in their lineup that is well-suited for the visually impaired? Whereas big brother Rogers gets the Nokia E71 for this purpose, it seems that the poor visually-impaired dog is getting something much, much older. To satisfy the requirements laid out by the ...

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Fido Adding Rollover to its Repertoire of Tricks?


Canada’s Fido definitely approaches the cheaper end of the market with its approach to pricing plans. It learned how to get rid of the system access fee. It learned how to include text messages as part of every voice plan. And soon, it may be learning how to roll over too. Chalk this one up as a seriously unsubstantiate rumor ...

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iPhone 3G Listed at $49 Through Fido in Canada

Fido's Cheaper iPhone

Joining the iPhone revolution just got a little bit cheaper. To get the newest iPhone 3GS, you have to spend at least $199 and that still requires a three-year contract. What if I told you that Fido is just as happy to sell you an iPhone for $49? Interested? Keep reading. First, you won’t be getting an iPhone 3G S. ...

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