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Daily Deal: 60% off ReVIVE Solar ReStore XL 4000mAh External Battery Pack


That's why there are so many chargers and backup battery solutions these days and one of the best could be the ReVIVE Solar ReStore XL. It's got a solar panel and a whopping 4000mAh of internal juice

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EXOGEAR Introduces Exovolt Plus Stackable Battery for iPhone and iPad


What if you could have an external battery that could expand and grow with your needs? That's what you get with the Exovolt Plus from EXOGEAR, billed as the world's first stackable battery pack.

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How To Make a DIY External MacBook Pro Battery


Looking for an external battery for your MacBook Pro or Air? You could certainly buy yourself one, but that would cost hundreds at least. What's the alternative? Why not make yourself one, that's exactly what a new post of the Verge will show you how to do.

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