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Nissan developing the 10 minute EV charger


Although electric cars are a great idea, limitations in driving range and the length of time it takes to fully charge them has kept drivers hesitant. Until now.

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Lithium Imide batteries are like Lithium Ion on steroids


Some years ago, the creation of Li-Ion batteries lead to a considerable technological progress, thanks to which we can now use laptops for hours and telephones for days without charging them. Still, the Li-Io batteries had their flaws: tendency to explode, susceptibility to heat and degradation, some cells losing up to 50% of capacity within 300-500 charges. The battery juice is limited and in most cases Lithium batteries last less than a couple of years.

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Game Changer: First public quick-charge station for EVs installed in Portland

Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski plugs in the all-electric Nissan LEAF to the nation's first publicly available quick-charge station at Portland General Electric headquarters in Portland, Oregon. (Photo: Business Wire)

The day will soon come when you are driving your Nissan Leaf or other electric vehicle, running low on juice and need to power up stat. You’re no where near your home, have a meeting in less than an hour and running on a 5% charge. Your standard recharging station will take at least 4 hours to get anything on the meter, until now.

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